Monday, April 29, 2013

April in a Nutshell ~ Monthly Wrap - Up

(4) months on 2013 are gone with (8) more to go.  Those of you who have set reading goals, how are you doing?

I set an annual reading goal of (125) books minimum, and so far I've read (48), so I'm on track so far. I also hope to read (20) books from my Bucket List, and so far have read (5). April was a pretty good month, I read (10) books, and my favorite was Kent Haruf's, Benediction. Here's my April list:
  1. The Giant's House; Elizabeth McCracken - 3.5/5 (bucket list) - April-2013 
  2. Parlor Games; Maryka Biaggio - 4/5 (audio and eGalley) - April 2013
  3. Benediction; Kent Haruf - 4.5/5 (eGalley/ARC) - April 2013
  4. The Middlesteins ; Jamie Attenburg - 4/5 (eGalley & audio) - April 2013
  5. Telling the Bees; Peggy Hesketh - 4/5 (eGalley/ARC) - April 2013)
  6. The Cat; Edeet Ravel - 3.5/5 (eGalley) - April 2013)
  7. The Garden of Eden; Ernest Hemingway - 3.5/5 (my shelves) - April 2013
  8. Power Foods for the Brain; Neal Barnard, M.D. - 4.5/5 (eGalley) - April 2013
  9. The Comfort of Lies; Randy Susan Meyer - 4/5 (eGalley) - April 2013
  10. Chinese Whiskers; Pallavi Aiyar - 3/5 (library) - April 2013 - no review yet
I listened to fewer audio books in April (1.5), as I always seem to listen to about (1) per week.  I started a few more, but knew the narrator's wouldn't work for me, so I stopped after the first disk.

May Plans:
Enjoy the nice weather everyone, which may mean a bit less blogging for the next few months, but at least a few new posts each week.


  1. I'm not good at setting goals or keeping track of my reading stats, but you're doing very well!

  2. Congrats on your reading goals progression! I actually increased my yearly goal this month because I was really far ahead. Your May reading list looks fantastic!

  3. You have gotten a lot of reading done this month!

  4. Congrats on a great month of reading! I hope May will also be full of reading, Diane.

  5. What a fantastic month!! I do hope we get better weather and maybe I will do some walking and listening to my audio books!!!! I seem to be on target with my reading plans. I'm really happy with my Spring Kindle Cleaning month too and I will certainly do that a few more times this year! Here's to a great May!

  6. Always impressed by the number of titles you read Diane. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Lake People.

  7. Congrats on your progress! I like to aim for at least a hundred per year and usually have no problem with it. With the move this year though I have no clue if I'll get that high with my total - but thankfully I'm not too worried about it.

  8. great month! Just discovered Kent Haruf with Plainsong, need now to go to Benediction. Ah, Chaim Potok: I have read and loved them all!
    Here is my April recap: it contains all my challenges progress


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