Saturday, December 12, 2015

This is the Earth; Diane Z. Shore; Jessica Alexander and Wendell Minor

This is the Earth; Shore - Alexander and Minor
February - 2016 - Harper Collins

I had very high hopes for this book because it looked like it would be a fantastic tool to  teach young children about our earth and caring for the environment, but the beauty lies only some of the illustrations and not in the story itself, especially since the target group is preschool children..

The book is written in a way that reflects the Earth over hundreds of years and how what we humans do affects the planet.  It begins with beautiful pictures of animals grazing on the land, rainbow trout swimming in the rivers, birds soaring, farmers farming. Next we see railroads, steamships and airplanes entering the mix, then garbage, landfills, sewage pipes draining into the ocean and factory smoke stacks polluting the air. We then see the resulting consequences for not respecting the environment: global warming: melting glaciers, the impact on polar bears and whats left of the once beautiful Earth. There are suggestions for doing our part and tips for going green, recycling, reusable bags etc.

I guess the disturbing part of this book for me was the fact that it was targeted at the preschool age and up group, and yes, while we should learn to care about our environment at an early age, this one came on a bit strong, in my opinion.

3/5 stars
(review copy)


  1. It does sound like a bit much for kids that young to grasp.

  2. That's too bad, it could have been very useful.

  3. Replies
    1. The illustrations are lovely, but the dark turn of the story seemed a bit much.

  4. Bummer. I think all of those things are important to teach kids, but it's too bad it came on too strong. Gage loves to participate in recycling and donating instead of throwing away. I think it would be helpful to see the big picture like this book. But my boy's mind works in mysterious ways :) I can see this working for him.


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