Saturday, October 10, 2020

New Children's books: (2) just in time for Halloween from Candlewick Press

Love is Powerful; Heather Dean Brewer  (Ill. Leuyer Pham)

Love is Powerful  is based on a true story of a 6 year old girl named Mari and her "mama" who took part in the 2017 Women's March in New York City.  Their theme: "Love is Powerful."

It all started with a new box of crayons and poster board and the how their bonding experience allowed them to share their message of love and kindness, showing the world how our voices matter.

This picture book demonstrates how important it is to speak up, let your message be heard and to share the love beginning at a very early age.  Lovely illustrations and message.

Grades K to 3

Odlaw's haunted castle  full of cobwebs and hidden symbols, is the perfect setting to this Waldo Spooky Spotlight Search. There is a cool glowing wand to to help in your search and makes kids feel like it's something magical.  Wait until you see the skeleton holding a pair of leg bones, the lighted houses with slime-spitting sea monsters, the mysterious hidden cave with air breathing monsters, slippery snakes along a labyrinth - will you find the way out?

This Halloween, 5-9 year olds will surely have fun with this not-too-scary spook fest.

Ghostology: A True Revelation of spirits, ghouls and Hauntings


  1. They all sound good. Lately I've been getting back into reading children's books so I'll look for these.

  2. Those both look really nice and now I want a ghost hunting kit!

  3. Love is Powerful looks especially wonderful; I like the sample artwork that you posted.

  4. I'm always interested in children's books for the grandkids. The Love is Powerful looks like one I would get. Thanks for the reviews

  5. I mean one day to start reading children's books again. these look great!

  6. I need Ghostology! We have Dragonology (and another one) and they're so pretty but I need the ghost one! Perfect for this time of year.

  7. I'll have to look for Love is Powerful!


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