Wednesday, February 17, 2021

3 new Kids Books - Book Reviews - Ella's Night Lights, Lucy Fleming - No Buddy Like a Book, Allan Wolf and See the Cat: Three Stories About a Dog, David LaRochelle

                                             (3) Delightful new books from Candlewick Press

Ella's Night Lights, Lucy Fleming (2020)

(32 pp. ages 3-7)

Ella has a wish that she may see the sunrise but, because of her delicate wings she only goes out at night. It is a time when she gathers light for others who need it the most to travel at night like her friend Sable, the fox and, on another night she helps Luna, a frightened owl.  She and some of her animal friends play at night with the light that Ella provides but, as soon as the sun begins to rise she must return to her nook in the tree.

Her friends come up with a plan and for the first time Ella is able to see the sunrise and still protect her delicate wings.  Friends help friends - that's what friends do.

Lovely message and wonderful illustrations of the vivid woodlands and other critters. A charming story of friendship and hope, as sometimes dreams do come true.

No Buddy Like a Book, Alan Wolf (Ill. Brianne Farley)
Candlewick Press - 2021
(ages 4-8)

Now get ready for the Book Express which teaches young children the many important things that they can learn from books and, the places they can visit by reading as well if they only learn to use their imagination.  You can start your new adventure right now or any day, just grab a book buddy and let your imagination grow.

This book was written in a fun style that combines very short sentences with rhyme.  The illustrations are interesting,  bright and colorful and allow for for plenty of good discussion.  I loved that it encourages a love for books

See the Cat: Three Stories About a Dog;David LaRochelle (Ill Mike Wohnoutka)
Candlewick (2021)
Winner of the 2021 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award
(Ages 4-8) 

Max isn't a cat, he's a dog and his name isn't Baby Cakes - thank you very much - it's Max., just Max and he wants to be noticed.  Young readers will be amused and quite proud of themselves as well as they begin to learn to read with this fun book. The story is not only fun with it's hilarious illustrations, there is large simple text and who can resist a story about an excitable dog who constantly assures readers he IS NOT A CAT!

There are (3) short stories in this book: #1, See the Cat - #2, See the Snake and #3, See the Dog. 

Very clever, kids will love this one. The style is fun and perfect for beginning readers. It reminded me of the Mo Wilhelm, Piggie and Pigeon and Elephant series which my grandchildren also loved as they learned to read. Highly Recommended.

Thanks go to Candlewick Press for sending me these lovely books in exchange for my unbiased reviews.


  1. All 3 look very good for kids. I've been reading a lot of children's books for tours and really enjoying them. I especially like the message of No Buddy Like a Book.

  2. We always enjoy seeing the creativity that's out there!

  3. The illustrations in Ella's Night Lights look amazing! :D

  4. I love the illustrations in all three!

  5. Adorable! Perfect for little kiddies. :)

  6. These look fun! My kids are too old for picture books, unfortunately. I'll have to pull them back out when grandkids come along :)

    1. Never too old for picture books! (Sorry. I just had to interject that.)

  7. I love that you review these kids' books. What fun! And what a lovely title is No Buddy Like a Book.


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