Monday, March 2, 2009

35 - Little Bee; Chris Cleave

I have to admit, it was what I read on the inside flap on the dust jacket of Little Bee: A Novelthat made me curious about this book. Here's what made me read more:
"We don't want to tell you too much about this book. It is truly special story and we don't want to spoil it. Nevertheless, you need to know something, so we will just say this: This is the story of two women. Their lives collide one fateful day, and one of them has to make a terrible choice. Two years later, they meet again. The story starts there. Once you have read it you'll want to tell everyone about it. When you do, please don't tell them what happens. The magic is in how it unfolds."
The chapters alternate between Little Bee, a young Nigerian refugee whose country is in the midst of war, and Sarah O'Rourke, wife then widow, mother of a young son, and magazine editor in England.
The past and present are woven together seamlessly to tell the story a little bit at a time about the horrible event that occurred when the two women met on a Nigerian beach for the first time. Two years later when Little Bee flees a British Detention center, she tracks down Sarah and shows up at her home.
This poignant story has some serious themes, both women must deal with the death of loved ones and each has concerns about what the future holds in store for them. Despite the serious themes, there is also some humor for the reader. I found myself rereading certain excerpts as the writing was so moving.

Don't be fooled, if you think this type of story is one you would not enjoy, you might be as pleasantly surprised as I was. Little Bee: A Novel is an amazing young girl you will not easily forget, long after the final page is turned. Little Bee is sure to be one of my Top 10 books for 2009. Don't Miss It!

RATING - 5/5 - COMPLETED - 3/2/09


  1. I love the information on the inside of the dust jacket!

    It sounds like a really good book. I've added it to my wishlist, so hopefully I'll get hold of a copy soon.

    Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. This does sound good. I hadn't heard of this one before, but I will definitely be adding it to my wish list.

  3. What a great review...I noticed this book a couple of weeks ago and definitely want to read it.

  4. I've seen this book and am really intrigued by the flap description! I glad to know you liked it.


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