Thursday, January 29, 2009

18 - Carry Me Home; Sandra Kring

I fell in love with my #3 Book for 2009 : Sandra Kring's, The Book of Bright Ideas, so I decided to give her debut novel, Carry Me Home a try. I was not disappointed in the story, however, the reader of this audio book was not that good, especially when it came to the female voices.

The story takes place in the 1940's in Rural Wisconsin. Earl Gunderman (AKA Earwig) is sixteen years old and mentally challenged as a result of a high fever when he was younger. What he lacks in intelligence, is compensated for by his acute insight to the world around him. He is closely protected by his older brother Jimmy. He watches his brother fall in love with a beautiful girl, and then enlist in the military and soon afterwards he sees Jimmy go off to war.

Earl/Earwig gets a job at the local bowling alley, and tries to understand all that is happening around him. When Jimmy returns from the war, he is not the same. Earl now feels it is his job to watch out for his older brother.

This was a wonderful story, and hard to believe it was a debut novel. The characters : Earwig, Jimmy, Floyd and Eva Leigh were extremely well developed. It was a great story about the love of family and friends, and the painful aftermath of war.

I plan to read a third Sandra Kring book very soon. I hope you will read this book. I recommend that you avoid the audio version. I think the print version would have even been more memorable for me.

RATING - 4/5 COMPLETED - 1/29/09
Where From: Library

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