Friday, January 2, 2009

A - Z Reading Challenge - 2009

Option A: Read authors A to Z. Commit to reading 26 books theoretically speaking.

Option B: Read titles A to Z. Commit to reading 26 books theoretically speaking. (MY CHOICE)
Option C: Read both authors A to Z and titles A to Z (52 books; this is the challenge Joy created)

Option D: Read internationally A to Z (books representing 26 different countries) (The books could be from international authors (writers from that country); however, it's fine if a book is only set in that country. If need be, instead of countries one could use cities, states, regions, etc. The idea is to use proper place names. If you'd like you could even use a few fictional countries.)

Option E: Read 26 Alphabet books. Embrace your inner child and go visit the children's section!

A- About Alice; Lisa Genova - 5/5
B- The Book of Bright Ideas; Kring - 5/5
C- Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts; Benedict - 4/5
D- Dog On It; Quinn - 4/5 (review copy)
E- Epilogue: A Memoir; Roiphe - 3/5
F- Frangipani; Vaite - 4/5
G-A Golden Age; Anam - 4.5/5
H-Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet; Ford - 4.5/5
I-In the Country of Men; Matar - 3.5/5
J-Julius Winsome; Gerard Donovan - 5/5
K- Kiss; Ted Dekker - 4.5/5
L- The Little Giant of Aberdeen County; Baker - 5/5
M- Madness; Hornbacher - 4/5
N- Never Tell a Lie; Ephron - 4/5
O- Outliers; Gladwell - 4/5
P- The Piano Teacher; Lee - 4/5
R-Run for Your Life; Patterson - 4/5
S-The Space Between Us; Umrigar - 4.5/5
T-Travels in the Scriptorium; Auster - 2/5
U- Undress Me in the Temple of Heave; Gilman - 3/5
V- The Visibles; Sara Shepard - 4/5 (review)
W- The Wednesday Wars; Schmidt - 4.5/5
X- Malcolm X; Myers - 4/5
Y- Yes, My Darling Daughter; Margaret Leroy - 4/5
Z- Zen and the Art of Happiness; Prentiss - 4/5

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