Tuesday, January 13, 2009

8 - Never Tell a Lie; Hallie Ephron

Never Tell a Lie, by Hallie Ephron, a "new to me author", is a must read for anyone who enjoys a fast paced thriller. I read half of the book last night (hated to stop for sleep), and then I woke up early today to finish it. I could not wait to see how this one ended.

Ivy and David Rose are a young couple expecting the first baby is just a few weeks. The live in a charming old Victorian home in (fictional) Brush Hills, MA. Amy convinces her husband to have a yard sale to clean out a bunch of junk that was left in the house by the former owner. An old high school classmate of Ivy and David shows up at the sale. Melinda White who was a plain-Jane, and a bit of an odd-ball in school, has now improved her appearance and, she also appears to be about as pregnant as Ivy. Melinda tells the couple she use to play in their house when she was a child, and that she would love to look inside. David takes Melinda inside. Several days later they learn that Melinda has disappeared and no one can remember seeing her leave the sale. The evidence uncovered makes the couple prime suspects; has Melinda been murdered?

Before long Ivy has uncovered a twisted web of deceit, betrayal, and lies. Just when I thought that I had the story figured out it took another twist. I loved the fast pace appeal that made you want to continue turning the pages, but I was just slightly disappointed by the final outcome.

RATING - 4/5 - COMPLETED - 1/13/09


  1. This sounds really good..thanks for the review!

  2. Hey, Diane --

    Thanks for the kind words. I love to hear those words: "hated to stop for sleep."

    Interesting that you had mixed feelings about the ending. It was probably the hardest part for me to write, trying to achieve that mixture of believable and satisfying.

    Happy reading! And thanks again for writing up the book.

    - Hallie

  3. I loved this book too!


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