Tuesday, March 2, 2010

30 - Fancy Nancy's Elegant Easter; Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser

If you are looking for an adorable Easter book for the special little girl in your life, be sure to check this book out. 

As Fancy Nancy prepares for her Easter gala (that's a fancy word for a party), she is busy greeting guests by saying: bonjour (that's a fancy french word for hello), and she makes a beautiful bouquet (that's a fancy word for a very pretty bunch of flowers). 

Well, I think you get the idea. I am totally addicted to these adorable "fancy girl" books, that not only tells a cute story, but teaches some grown up words in each book as well. This one is especially cute and perfect for the upcoming Easter holiday. The book is not only beautifully illustrated, but it has pop up flaps full of awesome surprises in addition to some "fancy" new words for your special little girl. 

Recommended for girls ages (4 - 8). (5/5 stars) (Library Book)


  1. My oldest neice is SO Fancy Nancy! I thought the book was written with her as a model, and she' sixteen! But, she's always been that way, and somehow with Savana, it comes across as endearing rather than annoying. I love this series.

  2. This is very cute ... Trisha would enjoy it.

  3. Our granddaughter, Kyra, almost seven loves anything Fancy Nancy - and her parents are plainer than Nancy's LOL Fancy Nancy Poet Extraordinaire just arrived today (I preorder all the hardbacks). We got her the Valentines book last month so will have to get the Easter book, too. She loves the ones she can read by herself, too.


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