Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March in Review

Where did March go?  3 days into the new job and all is going very well, I am a happy camper. It is great to be back to work and the library staff is very friendly and the work environment seems so relaxed.  I'm tired from getting up early, but I'm sure that will get better.  

How was your month in books?  I actually surprised myself when I pulled my stats (but 2 were kids books). 
March Reading in Review
  1. Fancy Nancy's Elegant Easter; O'Connor and Glasser - 5/5 
  2. Jamaica Inn; Daphne DuMaurier - 4.5/5 
  3. Letter To My Daughter; George Bishop - 4/5 
  4. The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag;  A. Bradley - 4.5/5
  5. Saving Gracie; Carol Bradley - 4.5/5 
  6. Buckley's Story; Ingrid King - 4.5/5 
  7. The Writing on the Forehead; Haji - 4/5 
  8. Winter Study; Nevada Barr - 4/5 (audio)
  9. A Gate At the Stairs; Lorrie Moore -(audio) 1/5 
  10. The Wife's Tale; Lori Lansens - 5/5
  11. Wench; Dolen Perkins-Valdez - 4.5/5 
  12. The Mayo Clinic Diet - 4/5 
  13. Waiting for Columbus; Trofimuk - (audio) 4/5 
  14. Imperfect Birds; Anne Lamott - 3/5 
  15. House Rules; Jodi Picoult - 5/5 
  16. Make This a Table for Seven; Angie and Storm Davis - 4.5/5 

March  Totals
  • (16 books) - (3) non fiction (3) audio) (13) fiction (8 review)
  • Favorite Books of the Month: Wife's Tale; Lori Lansens and House Rules; Jodi Picoult
  • YTD - (45 Books) 
2010 Challenge Progress
  1. 2010 100+ Reading Challenge - 45/100
  2. 2010 Reading From My Shelves Project - 32/75
  3. 2010 ARC Reading Challenge - 28/24 - Completed
  4. 2010 Pub Challenge - 16/10 - Completed
  5. 2010 New Authors Challenge - 25/50
  6. 2010 Support Your Local Library - 16/50
  7. 2010 Audio Book Challenge - 7/20
  8. 2010 Thriller/Suspense Challenge - 3/12
  9. 2010 Chunkster Challenge - 2/6
  10. 2010 Booker Challenge - 0/6
  11. 2010 Gothic Novel Challenge - 1/5
  12. 2010 What an Animal Challenge - 2/6
  13. Reagan Arthur Reading Challenge - 0/?
  14. 2010 Books To Read Before I Die Challenge - 2/20
  15. 2010 New York Challenge - 1/1 - Completed
YTD - (25 books purchased)  - (Total Cost - $91.88)


  1. Oh my god - 25 books for $91.00!!! That is amazing valur - If I were buying new books here I would struggle to get 6 books for that price!

    Thats a great number 16 - wow, I was proud of my 6. Sounds like you had a great month. I did a summary of my month if you want to check it out, but theres not so many books as you Im afraid.

    Bring on April.

  2. What I great March you had! I only read 3 books! I do feel like I've regained my reading focus. Hopefully my April will be as terrific as your March!

  3. You had a month of prolific reading!

  4. After seeing your "Prepare to be Shocked" logo, I decided to keep track of my purchases for the year, too.

    I am documenting this on one of my pages on my CURL UP AND READ blog. I haven't kept track of the cost, though.

    I'm pleased to note that I've only purchased 9 books so far! I've received books for review, however, and started using the library again. Plus, I have the HUGE stacks.

    I have more books winging their way here (books I preordered), and they'll go on the list then.

  5. Looks like you had a great reading month! Mine was excellent in quality but not especially spectacular in quantity.

    Glad to hear the job is going well. Hope you continue to enjoy it and that getting up early gets easier!

  6. Congrats on a great month!

  7. Glad to hear the job is going well! Looks like you had a great reading month!

  8. I am nowhere near your statistics; I wish I had the time to read 16 books. Good job!

  9. You've done very well, Diane! I managed to double my effort last month to 8 books. :D

  10. Good reading!!!

    Happy April Fools!

  11. I haven't added mine up yet, I will have to do that soon. Well done Diane and glad to hear the job is going well.

  12. Seriously, you rock. I'm so jealous of those of you who can read this much.

  13. Nice list! I like the idea of listing the books you have bought. Now if I would only remember to list the books I have read. Okay, okay tonight I will start figuring out what I have read so far this year. I used to keep a nice spreadsheet but for some reason this year I have failed to list a single book.
    So where did you get the majority of your books?

  14. Snap! I managed 16 books in March too! I hope I enjoy the Jodi Picoult as much as you, although I have to wait another month for its release. I hope you read some wonderful things in April.

  15. I'm so glad to see you got the job!
    Alayne - The Crowded Leaf

  16. You definitely had a great month!! 25 books for 91 bucks is a great deal! Don't worry, those books won't go to waste, so you are justified in buying it. :)

  17. I love your blog and I can completely understand the fact that you bought so many books :) I am guilty of that myself. Hope you have many happy reading hours :)

  18. Sari,

    I get my books from a variety of sources: some I buy at library book sales for 50 cents or $1.00/each, some from, some from publishers, or amazon mostly.

    I rarely pay full price for a book even though I know I should support Indie book stores more. I just don't have lots of extra cash to do so.

    Becky, Amanda, Steph,Megan, Stephanie, Viv, Aths...thanks for your comments; I hope you all had a great month as well.

    Laurel....good luck with the tracking of $$ spent on books. It has made me more aware, and more price per book conscientious.

  19. Wow! All this reading plus a new job. I feel like a real slacker now. :P

  20. Your month was fantastic!!!! I'm so glad that your job is going very well!!!! I really need to do better on your challenge!!!!

  21. I'm always amazed by how much reading you get done. I would be scared to add up how much I've spent on mostly eBooks this year so far. Yikes. I'm so glad you like the job so far!

  22. Glad to hear the new job is going well!

    I finished Lark and Termite, so if you're still up for a trade, shoot me an email (fizzybeverage at gmail) and I'll mail you the book!

  23. Why Diane? Why must you have your Prepare to be Shocked (AKA lets rip Jessica from her denial) challenge? I was so blissfully unaware of how bad my spending habits are. Ah well...this month I want to spend less than you and read more than you. Not gonna happen but a girl can dream. You had a great reading month and I'm glad your job is going well.

  24. So glad you are enjoying your job. 16 books in March - very good! I haven't been in a reading mood lately, but I need to get back to my books.

  25. Wow, what a great month you had! You got a lot of reading done.

  26. Glad to hear the job is off to such a great start. Hope everything continues to go well.

  27. Impressive list as always Diane!

    Would you believe that since Christmas I haven't bought any books -- between courtesy copies & the library I have been occupied. I an considering buying Stuff though thanks to your spotlighting it.

    Congrats on the new job!

  28. You're doing awesome! Glad to hear the new job is going well so far.

    Diary of an Eccentric


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