Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Salon ~ March 21, 2010

Well, this week I was on a high for sure, especially when I received the call to say I got the library job that I was hoping for (start date - March 29).  The benefits are terrific too, and they take effect April 1st which shocked me....woot!   But you have to take the good news with the bad right, well then yesterday we got a scary looking IRS envelope, and for the bad news....they found an omission on our 2008 tax filing. We owe them an addition $697.00 --gezz.....didn't they get enough from us (apparently not).

Monday is my daughter's birthday, and we celebrated yesterday. The traditional birthday fare: pizza, salad, and pistachio cake. (Yes, we did do this last month for my husband and SIL). 

It was in the low 70's for (4) days this week, but us New Englanders know not to get too excited about stuff like this -- it's suppose to be in the 40's again a few days next week. 

How was your week in books? Mine was okay, but I did not really stick to my reading plans...THIS HAS BEEN A PROBLEM. It was one of the mood reading weeks. Here's what it looked like:

Books Completed This Week
Tentative Wishful Reading Plans for This Week

NEW RESOLUTION: I decided that I am only going to use the library for audio books and DVDs. I have way too many of my own books (just realized that). I love copying audio books into ITUNES for future IPOD listening pleasure.  This week's audio books: House Rules; Picoult - The Wild Zone; Fielding and Hot House Flower and the Nine Plants of Desire; Berwin.

What is on your agenda for today? It's suppose to rain so maybe a movie or just catch up on some reviews, read.  Hope you have a great day and week. Oh and before I forget......... 

Thanks for my Lovely Awards this week.
  • Dr. Bill has sent along the One Lovely Blog Award this week.
  • Amanda has sent me the Sunshine Award - have you seen her blog, it's great.
  • Jan has gifted me the Honest Scrap Award (For this award I have to share ten honest things about myself) and then pass this award to ten other bloggers.  Not today)

    So here are my ten honest things:
    1. I love gadgets: iPhone, Kindle, iPod, netbook
    2. Aruba is my favorite place to vacation - the weather is ALWAYS perfect.
    3. My son and daughter make me proud; they are the best (aw hell -- so is my husband, now that I think about it):
    4. My husband is very smart, but is directionally challenged. He could get lost within miles of home.
    5. I have this thing for pristine books (yes, a bit of a book snob here).
    6. I've made peace with the fact that I have about (15) review books from 2009 that I will never read, because I know now I would not enjoy the book. I am super choosy now about what I choose to review.
    7. I snore (I once had a husband who tape recorded me to prove it) -- ex-husband now!
    8. I like love poker slot machines , but we only visit the casino 2-3 times a year. I've won way more money than I've lost. My last visit was for my December birthday and I won $1,000..... AKA "Lucky".
    9. I use to be a clothes addict; now I am a book addict and computer addict (better choices - but still an addict - the word moderation is not in my vocabulary).
    10. I could watch the same episodes of Seinfeld, Frasier, King of Queens and Golden Girls over and over again, and can quote them just about word for word.


    1. Congrats on the job! What great news, but I'm sorry about the IRS stuff.

      I only use the library for audio books and DVDs too. For the same reason as you, I have too many of my own books.

    2. Diane, congratulations on your new awards!

      Great Sunday Salon post! I enjoyed reading your "honest scraps".

    3. I love Frasier too! Congrats on all your awards this week!

    4. I love gadgets too! Congratulations on your awards!

    5. Congratulations for getting the position!!! WTG !!!! GL!

    6. Congrats on the new job and the awards! You'll be even busier ow! Happy reading! Here's my Sunday Salon

    7. Hah! I remember your last pizza and cake party! (only virtually, unfortunately!) :--)

      Fun list! I am also directionally challenged. But my husband uses this to figure out which way to go sometimes (e.g.., if I say I think something is to the left, he knows it is to the right!)

    8. Congrats on the job! Sorry about the taxes. That happened to me a few years back too. :(

      Congrats on your awards!

      Happy Sunday.

    9. First, Diane, congratulations on your new job! I'm so happy for you!

      Then, what a great list of books you've read: four in one week is amazing. I wonder if that will change as your job starts? Hopefully you'll still have time for what you love, which includes our jobs, I know.

      Your list was so fun to read. I love pristine books too, don't go wrinkling those pages or cracking my bindings!, and I'm with your husband in being so directionally challenged. Sigh...

      A Happy Birthday to your daughter, and a blessed week for all.

    10. You had a great reading week last week, but the IRS should just leave you along for something two years ago! I love gadgets too.

    11. Congratulations on your new job! I really want to read House Rules as well.

    12. Congrats on the job and a happy birthday to your daughter (we share a birthday).

    13. Congrats on the job. We owe taxes for the first time ever this year - I liked the refunds better.

      I have the same problem with library books. I keep checking them out and ignoring my own. Still working on that.

    14. I use the library usually for audio books only but I do have Wench and Solitude of Prime Numbers waiting for me. I will read those two after reading how much you enjoyed them :).

      Congratulations on the awards.

      Have a great week!

    15. Oh, congratulations on the job! That ALMOST cancels out the horrible IRS thing...Not. I know what you mean about IRS...I owe an additional whopping sum this year! (After they already took a lot out of my checks!)

      I have House Rules on my list, too. I was going to read it this past week, but I was bogged down by the TBR books that I feel COMPELLED to start catching up on!

      Congrats on the award, too!

    16. I went back to read your list! I chuckled about changing addictions...that's me, books and computers. Used to be collecting stuff, but now the collections have taken over my space, so I'm focusing on the books I already have and the blogs.

      I could rewatch Seinfeld and Golden Girls, too!

    17. Ugh .. the IRS news sucks! Have a good reading week!

    18. Ugh, that is miserable about the IRS. I love how they can take as long as they like to get back to us, but if we are even a little late, the interest starts piling up...

    19. I'll look forward to your Waiting for Columbus audio review...have been considering that one. Pistachio cake sound delicious!

    20. Belated happy birthday to your daughter. It is my birthday tomorrow...:D

      Here is my TSS post!

    21. Yay for the new job! Sounds perfect, but then again, we work in a great profession. Being a librarian is pretty close to perfect in my book.

      A Gate at the Stairs has been on my tbr pile for a while, and with so many loving it, surprised to see that 1/5. Will check your thoughts in a bit. Funny how even the most lauded book can fail to meet personal tastes sometimes.

      Happy reading!

    22. Congrats on the job and the awards!

      I am also having a hard time sticking to my reading list lately too! I pick the one up I said I would read and decide I would actually rather read a different one :)

      Loved the list - I am also a book snob! I love used books but can only buy them if they are in pristine condition!

    23. Kristen and both share my daughter's birthday March 22 -- how very cool. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and a happy year,

    24. $697 - ouch!!!

      I can sympathize with your husband - I can get lost with a map and GPS.

      Better luck with your reading plans this week -

    25. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I'm so happy for you about the job!

      I did that with the library a while ago - I take out audios and dvd's. I have way too many book commitments to bother taking out books from the library right now. I do admit to getting carried away though while I'm there and bringing home a few books but I never get around to reading them either.

      I'm curious what you'll think of House Rules. I haven't any urge to read it as of yet. Her books haven't been as good to me lately. I still have her last one on my shelf.

      lol-I used to buy clothes all the time! Now I'm the same as you -it's books instead.

      Have a great week Diane!

    26. Love that you got a mood reading week! I was reading two books a week last year so at the beginning of this year, I signed up for a book a week for review, figuring that would still get me a book a week to choose. No such luck--this year I'm only getting a book a week read. I've read some excellent books but I do have to read them when the publisher wants them read, not when I choose to.

    27. COngratulations on your new job!! I am envious--I have always wanted to work in a library. I will be interested in your review on Waiting for Columbus. I want to read it.

    28. Congrats on the job!

    29. The tax man is really rather nasty, isn't he. Talk about rain on your parade. I bet you can't wait to get started with your new job though.

    30. Congratulations on getting the job! That's so awesome!

      What a bummer about the IRS. :(

      We had nice weather for a couple of days here too, and then it started raining again last night. We did have time to squeeze in some barbecuing right before the rain hit last night though. We had yummy shish kabobs.

    31. You have a lot of great stuff to celebrate this week. Congrats on the job, sounds really good! And you managed to get some good reading in. Bonus!

    32. I'm so happy you got the job you wanted. Hope it is all you want it to be. Sorry about the taxes, but it could have been worse. (maybe??) Chin up!

    33. I'm so glad you got that job. The IRS notice is a real bummer but the new job outweighs the bad this time around.

      Hope you had a lovely Sunday.

    34. Sounds like a dream job to me, congrats! Taxes, ugh, don't even get me started. Other than lottery tickets, I don't do the gambling thing at all but hey, I don't have your luck, way to go on those slot machines!

      Happy Spring!

    35. You and my husband could have a Seinfelt quote-off!!!

      And that sucks about the taxes!

    36. OH CONGRATS! CONGRATS! I will be thinking of you heading to your first day on the same day I head to my first day - and that envelope? Whatevs: you have a job now - ;-).


      not too serious i hope

    37. Congrats on the job, Diane! Definitely sounds great to me!! :)

      Congrats on your awards too! They're all well-deserved!

    38. Congrats on your new position (with benefits!) - wonderful news!

      I enjoyed reading your "10 things" Make sure your kids and husband see they were included :)

    39. It is really ok I think. The IRS thing, I am sure you will be able to glide thru this phase... and when your job starts... everything is going to fall into place :)

      Happy BDay to the lil one!!

      I hope you Stick to your reading plans :P

      And congrats on all the awards!

    40. So glad to hear that your benefits will begin soon! We also owe money to the IRS this time, which has never happened before and makes me kind of sad. Hopefully next year will be better for us both!


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