Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Must Have Bobo; Eileen Rosenthal

Title: I Must Have Bobo 
Author:  Eileen Rosenthal 
Publication Year: 2011 
Publisher: Simon and Shuster Kids 
Edition: hardcover 
Source: Library 
Date Completed: 3/6/2011 
Setting: n/a
Rating: 5/5 stars
Recommend: Yes

An adorable childrens book featuring Willy (the boy), BoBo (the sock monkey) his beloved favorite toy, and Earl (the cat) who loves BoBo as well, and tries to steal him and hide him whenever he can. 

Willy spends a lot of time trying to find his BoBo, who helps him find bugs, and protects him from big dogs. Things are not the same when BoBo is missing, but Willy just needs to find Earl the cat, and BoBo is sure to be safe at his side. 

An adorable book with an old-fashion feel, beautifully illustrated, and a treat for young and old everywhere.


  1. Oh, this does sound absolutely adorable! I love these children's books that you feature!

  2. I must have BoBo. Heh.

    My cat, has various mousie and rattie friends that he also must have.

    Me, I have a stuff possum. =]

  3. Diane, you've changed your blog design! I like it, especially the new header photo, but I will need to get used to it.

    The Bobo book seems very cute. :)

  4. I love the title and cover of this book, and think it sounds wonderful! Glad to hear it's such a treasure!

  5. We have a new baby in the family -- sounds like a cute one for her bookshelf (her mom's a librarian, so all the classics are already there!) Thanks, Diane!

  6. Oh, this one sounds wonderful! And by the way, I love love love the new picture in your header. That is just where I want to be today!

  7. This one looks so cute!! I love the cover illustration.

  8. this caught my eye because my first kitty was named BOBO!!!!!

    I wish the cat in the book was named BOBO and not the monkey! lol

  9. Just the cover makes me want to read this book!

  10. Lovely new blog look! I should get this--I have a granddaughter who is hooked on "baby puppy", some little stuffed poodle her dad gave her from one of his trips. Used to be white, now gray even after washing, and the neck is pretty limp and wobbly by now.

  11. I think your review is very entertaining and quick to explain what the book is about. I love the idea of a cat helping a boy find his sock monkey toy because cats are able to find anything if they put their minds to it!

  12. I'm going to have to look at this series for Gage!


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