Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Reading Wrap Up

How was the month of March for you. For me, the snow has finally disappeared, but could return on Friday (April Fool's Day). For books, March was one of those months where I often had several books going at one time. I seemed to do better the first half of the month and slowed down this last week.  Here's what my month looked like: 
~~~~~ March Stats ~~~~~
  1. The Tiger's Wife; Tea Obreht - 4/5 (review copy) 
  2. A Sick Day for Amos McGee; Philip Stead - 5/5 (library)
  3. Winter's Bone; Daniel Woodrell - 4/5 (library)
  4. Marcelo in the Real World; Francisco Stork - 4/5 (eBook) 
  5. I Must Have Bobo; Eileen Rosenthal  - 5/5(library)
  6. Clara and Mr. Tiffany; Susan Vreeland - 5/5 (audiobook)
  7. Mr. Duck Means Business; Tammi Sauer - 5/5 
  8. The Weird Sisters; Eleanor Brown - 2.5/5 (audio) 
  9. Pinkalicious ; Victoria and Elizabeth Kann - 5/5 (review)
  10. A Long, Long Time Ago and Essentially True; Pasulka - 4.5/5 (eBook)
  11. The Wishing Trees; John Shors - 4/5 (review copy) 
  12. The Love of My Youth; Mary Gordon - 4.5/5 (review copy) 
  13. Night Flight; Robert Burleigh and Wendell Minor - 5/5 (review copy)
  14. Revolution; Jennifer Donnelly - 4/5 (review)
  15. Zeitoun; Dave Eggers (NF-audio) - 4/5 (library)
  • Favorite  Fiction Book - Clara and Mr. Tiffany; Susan Vreeland
  • Favorite  Childrens Book - Night Flight; Robert Burleigh and Wendell Minor
  • Favorite Audio Book - Clara and Mr. Tiffany; Susan Vreeland
  • New authors - 11/15 -   YTD - 26/38
  • Review Books - 6/15 -  YTD - 14/38
  • 5 star books - 6/15 -     YTD - 12/38
  • 4 star books - 8/15 -     YTD - 23/38
  • 3 star books - 0/15 -     YTD - 2/38
  • 2 star books - 1/15 -     YTD - 1/38
~~~~~ Challenge Progress ~~~~~
  • 100+ Reading Challenge - 38/100
  • Reading From My Shelves Project - 16/50
  • Audio Book Challenge - 11/20
  • eBook Challenge - 4/20
  • Prepare to Be Shocked (Books Purchased /Cost 2011) - 14 books - $138.75


  1. that's a great reading month! I will definitely have to check out Clara and Mr. Tiffany. I already own Revolution and Zeitoun so I was also happy to see you enjoyed those. Happy april reading!

  2. March was a great reading month for you, Diane! I didn't read nearly as much as I wish I had this past month. But now I'm reading a great book so maybe I can make up for lost time.

  3. wow, so many highly rated novels!

    Someone else mentioned the Tiger's Wife and gave it a good review. I'll go back and see if I had read yours too.

    A great reading month.


    (p.s, I would love the name/url option if possible)

  4. I haven't a clue how many I have read yet. I am impressed by how many you have done.

  5. I love to read, but I wonder if I made it my job whether I would grow tired of reading. Do you get tired of reading?

  6. Zoe...I think you might enjoy Clara and Mr. Tiffany. For me it was addictive.

    Suko...I'm curious about what you are reading. Hope it makes up for lost reading time.

    Monica...The Tiger's Wife was goo, but not a favorite for me.

    Paulita...I do get reading slumps from time to time, but generally just crave reading so it comes easy. I wish I did not have to work, so I could read more...LOL

  7. Looks like you had a good month! I haven't assessed mine yet. Here's hoping April is even better :)

  8. My reading has actually picked back up this month, after two very bad months at the beginning of the year. I am glad to hear that you had such a productive month though!

  9. WOW! 15 books! I can never manage more than 10. You read some great books too. I can't wait to read The Tiger's Wife!

  10. You've got three on your list that I want to read: Zeitoun; Marcelo in the Real World; and Revolution. What a great month you had, let's hope April is just as good.

  11. I'm always impressed, I don't think I've ever read that many in a year!!!

  12. What a great month! I was going to wait until tomorrow, just in case I finished ONE more book...but now, I'm vacillating. Hmm...

    I like the way you've organized your wrap-up.

  13. You read books that you eventually liked judging from the rating you gave. Haven't read any of these as yet but thanks for the recommendations!

  14. You've had a great month! Mine was the opposite in that I started slow and then read more as the month went on.

  15. Looks like you read a ton of great books this month. And, wow, fifteen of them. I only read nine books this March, so I've got a lot of catching up to do. :)

  16. Wow, you had a great March. I love when I'm on a roll of loving (almost) all the books I've read in a month. Hope April is just as good for you. Well, except for that weather things. Not a funny April Fools joke.

  17. Wow! 15 books is a great reading month and so many high reviews!

  18. You had a fabulous reading month --congrats!

    PS Ever since your review I want to read Winter's Bone (although I may get to the movie sooner) b/c it sounds like an amazing book!

  19. We are supposed to get snow this weekend too. Yuck, hopefully this will be the last of it. Great reading month.

  20. You had a great month! Happy April reading!

  21. You read some awesome books! Hope you have a fabulous April!

  22. Looks like you had a great month and enjoyed most of the books you read. Great job on your challenges!

  23. You read some great books in March. Happy reading in April!

  24. What a great reading month in March! I hardly read last month and *hangs head in shame* only read Harry Potter book 4. Sigh.

  25. Apart from the fact that you read an impressive amount of books, it looks like with one or two exceptions, all were hits for you. that's great!

  26. Great stats and you had a fantastic month!!


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