Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Salon - 2012 Half Way Point

Can you believe half of 2012 is over? The first half of 2012 was exciting for our family.  My husband's son and his family bought a condo in Manhattan at the beginning of the year.  My first grandchild was born (10) weeks ago -- she's grown over 3" and gained 4.5 lbs. I think I mentioned we think she's adorable:) She is also starting to "babble" a bit and the doctor said she seems advanced and may start rolling over very soon as well.  We get to see her weekly so I am thrilled about that. Then last week my son and his wife closed on their first home -- remote, wooded, 6++ acres -- we are off to visit them today.  So for us, the second half of 2012 is bound to be a bit less exciting, but we are not complaining--

Father's Day weekend was spent visiting and playing in NYC. Now, I'm in the middle of having (7) days off from work. It's so nice to do nothing or do something, but I get to decide. We've been to the casino, we do that about once a year. (no winners here, but it was still fun, the outdoor pool area was so nice and enjoyed lunch outdoors by the pool as well.  Not accomplishing a lot of reading while I've been off for some reason, but hope to remedy that situation.

All in all I'm happy with my 1st-half of 2012 reading. Here's a link to what I've read in 2012 so far. (70 out  of my goal of 125 for the year).  I signed up for (7) challenges and am more than pleased with my progress except for (1). They are listed on my left sidebar in case you are interested. (I'm hoping to post my thoughts about the first part of Stephen King's, The Stand, --(what  I've read thus far), within the next week.

Here's what I read in June:
  1. UR; Stephen King - 4/5 (audio)
  2. Monday Mornings; Sanjay Gupta 4/5 - (audio)
  3. The Spectator Bird; Wallace Stegner 5/5) 
  4. The Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan & Inspiration; Joy Bauer, MS RD (5/5) review
  5. A Partial History of Lost Causes; Jennifer duBois 4/5 - (audio) 
  6. Summer of the Gypsy Moths; Sara Pennypacker - 4/5 (kids-8+)
  7. Picture This; Jacqueline Sheehan - 3.5/5 (eBook) 
  8. Arcadia; Lauren Groff  - 3.5/5 (audio)-( no review yet) 
  9. Unsaid; Neil Abramson - 4/5 eGalley -( no review yet)
Favorite Book Read in June:
 5/5 stars
In progress:
  1. The Stand; Stephen King (in progress - eBook)
  2. In One Person; John Irving (in progress - audio book)
  3. Northwest Corner; John Burnham Schwartz  (in progress - hardcover)
July Bookish Plans:
  • Finish the (3) above books in progress
  • Gold; Chris Cleave
  • Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (book #3) Larrson Trilogy)
  • A memoir
  • (3) kids books
  • (3) audio books

Have you set any reading goals for yourself in 2012? If so, how's your mid year progress?

Have a great day everyone, and if you are celebrating the 4th of July, enjoy!


  1. You had a really good June! Hope you enjoy The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. I am doing okay in terms of my reading, but still have huge piles to read!

  2. I've given up on setting goals for myself, this year, I'm letting myself read whatever I like. So much is changing in my life, that just being able to read is good. I hope you are enjoying The Stand, I always enjoyed it (I've read it several times). You have had quite a good year so far,very exciting, hasn't it? I hope you find lots of time to read in the rest of it, while you watch your grandchild grow!

  3. It sounds like 2012 has been very good to you! I hope the second half of the year is even better.

  4. 2012 has been full of good things for your family! Your reading is going strong, too. Enjoy the rest of your vacation time :-)

  5. It's hard to believe that half the year is gone already. Enjoy your vacation and making decisions of what not to do or do. You are captain of the ship this week.

  6. Enjoy your time off, relax, read a book!

  7. Really impressed by your reading speed. I like your eclectic reading list for 2012 so far, some are my faves too, but I'm not even half of your numbers. Enjoy your July 4 week with your family! We're celebrating Canada Day today.

  8. With all that going on and you're still over half way through your goal for books for the year? Wow, Diane, I feel like such a slacker!

  9. I gave Arcadia almost the same rating.
    Happy July reading!

  10. You're doing great with your reading for the year. I am behind on my goal of 100 books.

  11. You're having a great year, so far! I was just talking about how fast the year is going too. Have a great week!

    My Sunday Salon is here.

  12. Enjoy your vacation! It sounds nice and relaxing.

  13. I am re-focusing on the reading challenges I signed on for at the beginning of the year -- I have been not doing to well with most of them.

    Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter!

  14. I cannot believe the year is half over. I hope your second half of 2012 is just as exciting and filled with such happy events as your first half was!

  15. Looks like some good reading! Have a great rest of your vacation!
    Joy's Book Blog

  16. The first half of your year sounds AMAZING!! So many good things happening to and in your it!! I think you're doing a great job of reading this year and especially documenting what you have read. Me, on the other hand ...not doing a good job of keeping track of much!! My reading is seriously off for this year but I'm not complaining. Pretty much the whole month of June was dedicated to work, summer rec (that I help run) and running all over the state looking for a camper and campsite. I've been doing a lot of playing and not much reading!!

  17. You have had an amazing year, wow. I'm so happy to hear you live close to your daughter, so you can see your grand daughter often. What a treat!

    Have a wonderful 4th holiday!

  18. I'm not doing so hot at the half way point. If I keep up at this rate I will read fewer than 60 books this year. That would be lame.

  19. Everything sounds as if it is going very well for you. So many good things happening for you and your family. This first half went by so quickly!

  20. Sounds like you've had an exciting first half of the year! Enjoy that grand daughter :)

  21. Nice list! I also finished 9 books in June:


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