Saturday, August 3, 2013

Building Our House; Jonathan Bean

Building Our House
Farrar Straus Giroux - 2013

This story follows one family who buy farmland in in country and leave the city life to begin the process of building their own home over a year and a half period. While the house is being built the family a mom, dad brother and sister live in a trailer on the land so they can participate in and watch the building process. While the house is being built many things happen, moms belly begins to grow (make room for one more family member), a stray cat (and her kittens) adopts the family. 

The process shows the laying of pipes, a big rig being used to dig a well, concrete trucks, plumbing and wiring taking place -- all aspects of building a home are covered at least in part. There is a family and neighbor frame-raising party. Kids help by picking up stray nails and even grandpa and other family visit to participate in the building process as well. Through various seasons and weather challenges the reader watches the progress on the new home.

The illustrations are very well done  and the text on each page corresponds with the what is being done as well to make for good discussion between reader and the little one being read to.

I liked this book a lot and think it will have a wide appeal to young children (especially little boys) who seem to love everything about machinery and tools.  At the end of the book I was surprised to learn that this book was based on the author's childhood experience when his parents spent five years building their own house. He includes photos of himself and his sisters when their home was being built.

Well done - Buy it!


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