Monday, August 5, 2013

Heavenly Hydrangeas: A Practical Guide for the Home Gardener; Joan Harrison

Heavenly Hydrangeas; Joan Harrison
Schiffer Publishing LTD - 2013

The hydrangea has long been one of my very favorite plants, and I love how there are so many different varieties available these days. Oh my what a gorgeous book this one is. It is one of those books that is a definite BUY. Beautiful to look at, but more importantly, one to refer to often for true hydrangea lovers. 

This book covers everything from, how to select various species by climate, size, sun/shade requirements, how to achieve the desired colors, traits, planting tips, how to care for them, and how to incorporate them is a garden.

Now that we live in a condo I have fewer of these plants (just 5) than we had at our previous house,  but I do have different varieties: the ever blooming, lace and traditional in blues, purples, pink and hot pink. After reading this book, I learned that even a condo-dweller like me can foster their love for these amazing plants, by the use of "containers". I never knew that some hydrangeas could be grown in large pots -- how cool is that?  

There is also another example of a "paniculata" being trained to grow as a small tree which was also pretty cool.  I especially loved the climbing hydrangeas featured in this book, and the lovely section on indoor enjoyment: drying and decorating.

This book is not only informative, but the color photography is just amazing and there are so many beautiful photos--- some of the photos were taken on Cape Cod estates.

Here are a few photos from the book taken with my iPhone......

 Getting ready to harvest for drying and wreath making

Love the hydrangea border to the woodlands

 Do You have any hydrangeas?
(eGalley received through NetGalley)


  1. Nice! I have lots of hydrangeas and would love to learn how to dry them and maybe make a wreath. This looks like one of those books I'd thumb through regularly just for the pictures.

  2. Wow, I whole book on them...yes, I have several but I really should find out more about them!

    1. This book is just so well done, and as a visual person. I feel in love with the photos, but the info was great as well...LOL

  3. We don't have any hydrangeas but we should since they grow well down here.

  4. I have one lowly hydrangea that hasn't done very well with regard to any blooms this summer. I think it had one. :( Last year it did much better, so I'm not sure what happened this summer. This sounds like just the book for me! My mom has gorgeous hydrangeas in Oregon (along the coast), but maybe they're more difficult to grow here in Nebraska. Ooops! I forgot that I have an Oak-Leaf variety. It does VERY well!

  5. mine are bright pink and we have stopped putting used coffee grounds around the roots to turn them blue. We don't like the part pink-part blue look.

  6. Those are beautiful flowers. I think I must add some to my yard for next year!!

  7. Nothing more beautiful than a big hydrangea.

  8. What a lovely looking book! I don't have any hydrangeas but I have fond memories of the purple and pink ones my grandma had when I was a kid. I loved them but it has never translated into having any in my own garden.

  9. My garden is so barren. I have lilies and roses--and not many of those at that. I wish I enjoyed gardening more than I do. I might have a garden worth looking at then.

  10. I love hydrangeas! Planted a blue one several years ago that was lovely, but it surprised me the past two years by blooming pink. It has something to do with the acidity of the soil, I think. Will check my library for this book... I'd like to read more about container options, too.

  11. I love hydrangeas as well. I love all the different colours they come in and they are just gorgeous. We don't have any but maybe I'll see if I can find a variety to grow in a large pot next year.

  12. I do a lot of container gardening but I've never tried putting a hydrangea in one of them. It's an idea for next year.

  13. I have a love/hate relationship with these plants. I love to look at them but they don't grow for me. Well, I can't say I've really tried... But the ones in my yard rarely have blossoms. We finally pulled them out by truck and moved to the backyard. Will see if anything happens. I just need to buy some new ones and get this book so I know what to do with them!


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