Thursday, August 29, 2019

Lock Every Door; Riley Sager

AUTHOR:  Riley Sager
PUB. YEAR: 2019
SETTING: New York City
FORMAT:  eGalley
RATING - 4/5

Jules Larsen is a young woman who is down on her luck.  Her parents have died, her sister disappeared, she's lost her job and is about to be homeless after moving out of her cheating boyfriend's apartment. Can things get any worse for her ?-- (oh, yes, definitely.)

Desperate for cash, she learns of a job as a apartment sitter at the swanky Bartholomew in Manhattan. It's a job that pays $12,000 for a 3-month commitment. She applies and is hired but, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is as Jules quickly learns.

It isn't long before Jules begins to learn about the Bartholomew's mysterious past. Then there are the odd and very strict rules that she and the other apartment sitter's must adhere to. Jules befriends Ingrid, another sitter, and is warned by her that she must be careful because bad things that have occurred in the building.  Almost immediately after warning Jules, Ingrid goes missing in the middle of the night. Jules feels compelled to investigate what happened to her and learning she wasn't the first sitter to disappear from the Bartholomew. It's a race against the clock for Jules who realizes that she must find away to leave the job before it's too late.

The story begins with the "NOW" with Jules on a stretcher after she's been hit by a car.  The story is well-paced going back from the present to what transpired in the six days prior. There are several odd characters, I thought some felt rather flat but, I did like that it was hard to tell who could be trusted.  The story slowed a little early on but, it did hold my interest and it ended with a twist I never anticipated. Overall, a pretty darn good creepy read.


  1. This is an author I've been wanting to read since their first book and this one sounds especially good. I love the whole too good to be true premise.

  2. I haven't read anything by this author, but I've heard good things. I need to pick this one up soon.

  3. Sounds good. I haven't read this author yet.

  4. I liked this one, too. I particularly liked how we built to the climax from both before and after (now).


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