Friday, May 8, 2020

3 New Books for the Kiddos perfect for Spring

Kaia and the Bees; Maribeth Boelts and Angel Dominguez (Illustrator)
Candlewick Press - 2020

Kaia is a sweet young girl who is very brave when it comes to most things. Her dad, however, is a beekeeper and ever since Kaia stepped on a bee one day and was stung, she is now afraid of bees.  Her dad tries to educate her on the importance of honeybees as he teaches her about making honey and the jarring process.  As Kaia tries to overcome her bee phobia, she can't seem to forget that bee stings hurt.

I liked this book a lot, it addresses fears, teaches children about the importance of bees and beekeeping and, it also has a racially diverse family. The illustrations are colorful and fun as well.

Hike; Pete Oswald
Candlewick Press - 2020

Hike takes young readers on an outdoor journey through pictures.  A young boy and his father plan a day of hiking through the mountains and forest.  Their journey is detailed through lovely, colorful illustrations as the two explore nature, aloneness enjoying the  outdoors and all it has to offer.  At the end of the day they return home to all the is familiar and of comfort.

I know some parents struggle a bit making the most of a parent/child reading experience when a book has no words but, I think this book offers a lot through pictures to make for some lively conversation along the way.

The House That Wren Built; Randi Sonenshine and Anne Hunter (Illustrator)
Candlewick Press-2020

Nature lovers will enjoy this sweet springtime book about Carolina wrens. A mama and papa wren prepare a nest for the newborn hatchlings about to arrive.  Papa hunts for food for the newborn once the hatchlings arrive so that they are strong enough to fledge in just 14 days after their birth. 

Although this book uses some words that might be unfamiliar to a PRE-K-7 year old: rootling, fledgling, burr, spider sac and more, there is a nice glossary at the end of the book with some fun facts about wrens that I thought was well done.  The book is beautifully and intricately detailed. I loved the earth tone illustrations. A perfect spring time choice.

NOTE: These books were sent to me by Candlewick Press in exchange for my unbiased review.


  1. Lovely! I'm hoping my bee balm brings lots of bees to my garden soon. It was a big hit with them last summer.

  2. These books look wonderful!!! Have a terrific Mother's Day weekend, Diane!

  3. Kaia and the Birds sounds wonderful! My daughter is also terrified of bees and I've been trying to teach her their importance. Her class had a bees unit this week so she has watched and read a lot about bees but this sounds like a book that can address some of the fears.


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