Tuesday, May 26, 2020

First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros - If it Bleeds; Stephen King

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 First Chapter/Intros, now hosted by Yvonne @ Socrates Book Reviews. Each week readers post the first paragraph (or 2) of a book they are reading or that they plan to read soon.

If it Bleeds; Stephen King
Simon & Schuster Audio-2020

Mr Harrigan's Phone

My home town was just a village of six hundred or so (and still is, although I moved away), but we had the Internet just like the big cities, so my father and I got less and less personal mail.  Usually all Mr. Nedeau brought was the weekly copy of Time, fliers addressed to Occupant or Our Friendly Neighbors, and the monthly bills.  But starting in 2004, the year I turned nine and began working for Mr. Harrigan up the hill, I could count on at least four envelopes hand-addressed to me each year.  There was a Valentine's Day card in February, a birthday card in September, a Thanksgiving Day card in November, and a Christmas card either just before or just after the holiday. Inside each card was a one-dollar scratch ticket from the Maine State Lottery, and the signature was always the same: Good Wishes from Mr. Harrigan. Simple and formal."

Just started the audio version and the readers are fantastic. (Will Patton, Danny Burstein and  Steven Weber).

What do you think - read more or pass?


  1. Now I am definitely curious, and a little "creeped out." LOL

    Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  2. Stephen King is such a great storyteller and his young protagonists always win me over. I would definitely read this. If the audiobook narrators are good, I'll go that route, as long as it isn't too creepy!

  3. I'm not much of a Stephen King fan these days, but that is a really intriguing opening hook. I'd read on for sure.

  4. Here's my guilty confession: I have never read Stephen King. My bad entirely. I'm not even sure why, because I admire the man, but somehow I've just never felt inclined to read his books. Maybe this is the year when I will start.

  5. I've never read any books by Stephen King. I know he writes other genres but I've always associated him with horror and I'm afraid that the book I pick up would turn out to be one of his horror novels and I wouldn't be able to sleep for a month.

  6. I always enjoy Stephen King's books. I have to read this one (or listen to it).

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  8. I have not read much by this author, a failing I intend to correct one of these days. This opening is great!

  9. Stephen King books have some great narrators. I'll consider this one. It's stories or novellas, right?

  10. It sounds like another terrific story by King!


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