Monday, August 15, 2022

2 Brief Kids Book Reviews - The Girl Who Could Fix Anything: Beatrice Schilling World War II Engineer; Mara Rockliff and Haven: A Small Cat's Big Adventure; Megan Wagner Lloyd

The Girl Who Could Fix Anything:  : Beatrice Schilling World War II Engineer
Mara Rockliff (auth) Daniel Duncan (illustrator) - Candlewick Press - 2021
(ages 5-9 through grade 4))

This year I've read several children's books based on true stories of women who have done great things but, may have not gotten the recognition they deserved.

In this book Beatrice Schilling was a British woman whose mechanical expertise set her apart from her peers. She was able to convince the Royal Aircraft Establishment to let her prove her abilities by solving a fighter plane engine fuel issue during World War II.  Her early interest in anything mechanical and her quick ability to learn and try new things enabled her to attend and study engineering at the university and build confidence and hone her skills.  

As a grandmother to (3) young girls, I love books that encourage young girls to try new things and to foster an interest in technology and the sciences. Thins is the type of story that builds confidence and lets young girls see that they too can pursue their dreams if they just persist.  This book has terrific illustrations and a great story. It is the type of book that would make a great addition to school and public libraries or personal collections.

RATING - 5/5 stars

Thanks go to Candlewick Press for sending these books my way in exchange for my unbiased review.)

(ages 8-12 - grades 3-7) (Candlewick Press -  August 16, 2022

Haven was once an abandoned cat but Ma Millie took her in so she no longer had to forage for food and live outdoors. Hav is a small but brave house cat and, yes, she is still a bit timid but, she is quite content being an indoor cat with plenty of food to eat.  However, when Haven's owner becomes ill and her health eventually worsens, it's up to Haven to pay Ma Millie back even if that means venturing out into the scary forest to find help.  Can a brave, a bold fox and a timid cat find a way to send help for Ma Millie?

This is a good middle grade book that will appeal to cat lovers. It has short chapters and the story reinforces themes like bravery, friendship and the importance of helping others. A bittersweet story not easily forgotten.

Rating - 4/5 stars


  1. These do sound like lovely reading for the designated age groups.

  2. Yes, the NF was especially good. I have one granddaughter (8) who loves anything science related.


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