Sunday, June 20, 2010

Apple iPhone, iPad Users ~ Tells us your favorite APPS

Kathy@ Bermuda Onion recently acquired the iPad, and asked me what some of my favorite  APPs were.  I thought it would be fun to ask Kathy's question in an official post and see who has found sound great APPs that they'd like to share with the rest of us?

I'm still learning about all the late and great additions ( loads more are being added everyday), but so far I LOVE and am enjoying these. I have the same ones on both devices: iPhone and i Pad.
  • Amazon Kindle (all my eBooks)
  • Urbanspoon
  • Zillow
  • Today Show
  • Yellow Pages
  • Weather Channel
  • Google and Google Earth
  • Flashlight
  • Epicurious
  • Tip Calculator
  • Battery Magic
  • Dragon Dictation
  • AAA Roadside
  • White Pages
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Video Poker
  • Stocks
  • Paypal
  • IMDB
All these were FREE when I added them. I haven't paid for an APP yet, but am considering paying for Scrabble, which was recommended a while back by Alyce @ At Home with Books.

PLEASE give us some feedback. Thanks in advance!


  1. This post is going to make me want an ipad!!!!!!!

  2. If you're a walker, RunKeeper is a great way to see how far you've walked. And as silly as it sounds, the flashlight app has come in handy.

  3. Those look like fun. My husband has some other games that I like too (poker, pinball, mahjong), but his favorite is definitely Scrabble. He plays games with some of his Facebook friends almost every day. He's getting so good at it I'm almost afraid to challenge him now. :) I love the iPad though!

  4. I love my iphone. I am always checking out new apps.
    One of my favorites is..Anti-Mosquito Free. It actually works. I take it on my walks and have been bug free ever since. Try it!
    Also...I love Pandora Radio. I don't drive my car without it plugged in.
    Thanks for your list.

  5. Staci...LOL (not the intention)

    Jill ...Thanks for mentioning RunKeeper (I am a walker); I'll try it.

  6. I play Words With Friends (with a free app) on my iPhone. It's really Scrabble but with a different name. There's a free app and one you can buy. I don't know what you get if you pay but I've been using the free one for months and love it. I also have these free apps: Kindle, solitaire free, Jane Austen, Twitter, Goodreads. I've only paid for one: "At Bat 2010". We're baseball geeks at my house. I also have a local radio station app that streams live.

  7. For my iPhone I have: OmniFocus (purchased it early and rec'd a discount - great task manager if you're into GTD by David Allen; nice companion to the desktop application); The Weather Channel; Goodreads; Pocketpedia (nice companion to the desktop app); iDisk; Amazon; Kindle; B&N; USA Today, NY Times, What's On?; Tweet Deck; Google; Facebook; Now Playing.

    For my iPad, I don't have a lot of apps on it just as it's a recent purchase (about a week). I have iBooks, Kindle (not really impressed) B&N ereader, (like it better than iPhone version), ABC Playing, Netflix, Twitterrific.

  8. Add me to the drooling with envy list. I will remember this page when I get one (it is on my someday list).

    BTW Diane do you use your IPAD instead of the Kindle for your Kindle books? Do you down load first to the Kindle and then transfer? I am a bit confused?

  9. I have a few that you've mentioned, but need to check out some of the others like Zillow. My son and I play a game like Scrabble on our iPhones - Words with Friends - that has a free version. I did break down and pay for an app this weekend - Carcasonne.

  10. Oh, I want an ipad so badly!! Maybe I will get one for Christmas this year!

  11. Kim....I actually sold my Kindle when I got the iPad. With the Kindle APP, I was alble to transfer all of my purchased books to the iPad, and with the APP I can purchase more and they now get synced there as I deregistered the Kindle when I sold it. (Hioe this makes sense)...LOL

    Shon and Mary...I need to chack out the ones you mentioned.

    Free is good; off to check out Words with Friends...thanks Kathy and Mary.

  12. if you get the words with friends app I'm bookfanmb :). Start a game and we can play. Right now I play with a couple of other book friends and my daughter.

  13. Mary,

    I'll keep you in mind for a game (that would be fun). I use to play Literati a lot on Yahoo, but not in a long while now.

    Ti, I just changed my blog look a few days ago ; glad u like it:)

  14. I am so glad you posted this! Just this weekend I was thinking... I wonder what apps there are that I'd love that I don't know about. Thanks!

  15. Diane - Don't pay for Scrabble - Get "Words with Friends" (the free version). (See Mary plays, too!)

  16. The Scrabble app is so much fun! I also play it on my iPod Touch. :)

  17. I love crosswords, so I got the New York Times Crossword app. It was free for a trial period and then you have to pay for it (not much).

    The only other app I have on my iPad is the Kindle app and I love it, although I never had any other kind of ereader so have nothing to compare it to, which is probably good :)

    Fun post with lots of great suggestions. Thanks for this.

  18. As far as games that will drive you crazy and waste time, I recommend Bejeweled 2, Angry Birds and Scramble.

    My husband is the king of iphone apps, I'll have to ask him what he likes.

    Be sure to get your new operating system today!!

  19. Jenners, I upgraded the 3g iPhone, but is that upgrade for the iPad as well??

  20. I have an iPhone and there are so many terrific free apps that I use daily. And I'm hoping to get the iPad for my birthday! I'll definitely revisit this post then. And I'm definitely going to the buy scrabble if and when I get my iPad - it just looks SO fun!

  21. The iPad is not quite the same OS as the iPhone so there's not an upgrade.

    On the iPad, I love the Alice in Wonderland book app (with the moving parts), WeatherBug (I'm obsessed with the weather), the Netflix app (the streaming is AWESOME), GodFinger (an addictive but pointless little world-building game).

    I play Words with Friends on my iPhone too -- just bought the 99 cent version to get rid of ads - totally worth it! It's one of the few apps I've ever paid for.


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