Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Reading Plans

Focusing on a list of books that I wanted to read in May was pretty successful for me. I did not read every one that I wanted to, but I did read most of what was on my list plus a few others. For June, I decided to select (15) books and hope to read at least (10) from this list.  (My personal monthly challenge of sorts).

June List
  1. Let the Great World Spin; McCann (started in May and almost done)
  2. Mudbound; Hillary Jordan
  3. House at Riverton; Kate Morton (was on May's list)
  4. Forgotten Garden; Kate Morton
  5. A Moveable Feast; Ernest Hemingway
  6. Matterhorn; Karl Marlantes
  7. Secret Daughter; Gowda
  8. A Private Life; Jane Smiley
  9. Day For Night; Reiken
  10. Girl in Translation; Kwok
  11. Stormchasers; Jenna Blum
  12. Those Who Save Us; Jenna Blum
  13. Every Last One; Anna Quinlen (was on May's List)
  14. A Northern Light; Jennifer Donnelly
  15. The Passage; Justin Cronin


  1. Diane - I like this plan that you have. I tend to decide what I will read next only to be distracted with a hold that became available for pick up or a new release or an impulsive buy at the bookstore. Next thing I know it's a month later and I still haven't read the book! Have a successful reading month in June.

  2. I am more than halfway through with The Passage and I am still loving it so hopefully you will too.

    I haven't gotten my list together yet. I keep changing it. I need to just suck it up and post it.

  3. Mudbound is fantastic! I'm sure you'll love that one. I wasn't a big fan of House at Riverton, but I suspect that you will be. Enjoy all your books!

  4. Great books on your list! I was planning on A Moveable Feast last month, but still haven't gotten to it. I'm reading The Forgotten Garden now.

  5. I like your list. I have read a few of them but would like to see your review of Secret Daughter.
    Have a good reading month.

  6. So many great books on your list, Diane. I hope you enjoy them all. Can't wait to see what you think of The Passage. I know I won't be reading it for a long while (didn't score an ARC) but I've put it on my tbr list after seeing a lot of good reviews. I have Mudbound on my shelf and really should try to read that this year. I've heard The Forgotten Garden is wonderful.

  7. Oh, you will really like Mudbound; it is SO good! I also have Girl in Translation and and Secret Daughter on my summer list (along with about 40 other books...it's just not do-able, I don't think)

  8. I'll be looking forward to hear what you think of A Moveable Feast--I've been curious about Hemingway.

    Also, I hope you love A Northern Light as much as I did!

    Looks like you're in for a good month! :)

  9. Diane - I have followed your lead this month and created a list too. It seemed to work for you, so I am keeping my fingers crossed it will work for me too.

    I loved Mudbound and The House at Riverton, I hope you do too.

  10. I really liked Let the Great World Spin. I brought Those Who Save Us with me for the train ride to NYC, but I only read a handful of pages before getting involved in a zombie book I picked up for my husband at BEA.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  11. I am really liking The Passage so far. Its a real page turner. I will be curious to see what you think as well :)

  12. Very good plans-I will be interested to see how you like Hemingway's a Movable Feast-if you can please let us know how you react to his take on Ford Madox Ford-thanks and have a great reading month

  13. I gotta get to The Passage soon! Feels like I'm among the few that aren't reading it *right now.*

    A Northern Light is a great book, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  14. Nice list. I am so weird, when ever I make a list of must reads, I end up reading other things. It is as if the rebel in me screams "oh you can't tell me what to read" LOL.
    I am going to have some time off this summer and I am determined to read from my TBR shelf. Wish me luck.

  15. Making a list seems to work well for me too. I hope you enjoy the two Kate Morton books as much as I did. Good luck with your reading in June.

  16. You are organized! I look forward to reading your posts, particularly on Let the Great World Spin and A Moveable Feast.


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