Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Finds

The "Friday Finds" meme is hosted by Miz B at the Should Be Reading blog. She asks "What great books did you hear about / discover this past week? Share with us your FRIDAY FINDS!"
 Blind Hope; Meeder and Sacher
(amazon).... An unwanted dog. An emotional rescue.
Two lives forever changed.
Laurie's dreams had been shattered before she came to work at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch—the ranch of rescued dreams—where broken horses and broken children encounter healing every day. In an attempt to soothe her aching soul, Laurie reached out to save a dog in need. And she soon began to realize that the dog was rescuing her.

An inspiring true story told through the engaging voice of Kim Meeder, Blind Hope reveals poignant life lessons Laurie experienced from her ailing, yet courageous canine friend. Despite the blindness of her dog—and her own heart—Laurie uncovered what she really needed most: authentic love, unconditional trust, and true acceptance, faults and all.

As Laurie and her dog, Mia, both learned to follow the lead of a master they couldn’t see, Laurie discovered the transforming power of God’s grace even for imperfect and selfish people—and she experienced a greater love than she had ever known.

All the Living; C.E. Morgan

(amazon)....Shimmering with sensibility, Morgan’s stunning debut novel traces the emotional awakening of a young woman perched precariously between worlds and desires. After her lover’s family dies in a tragic accident, Aloma moves with him to his family’s remote Kentucky farm. As they struggle to maintain a hardscrabble existence, their relationship deteriorates rapidly. Though her romantic dreams and musical ambitions are awakened by her friendship with a young preacher, she remains strangely attached to Orren, an attachment the orphaned Aloma struggles mightily to understand. Morgan pierces the skin of her characters with a depth and sensitivity seldom displayed by a first-time novelist, and the transfixing story arc is supported by beautifully descriptive passages and her unfailing ear for regional dialect. Brimming with discussion-worthy themes, this is sure to be a popular book-club choice.

 Ms. Hempel's Chronicles; Shun-lien Bynum
(amazon)....A National Book Award finalist in 2004, Bynum returns with an intricate and absorbing collection of eight interconnected stories about Beatrice Hempel, a middle school English teacher. Ms. Hempel is the sort of teacher students adore, and despite feeling disenchanted with her job, she regards her students as intelligent, insightful and sometimes fascinating. Bynum seamlessly weaves stories of the teacher's childhood with the present—reminiscences about Beatrice's now deceased father and her relationship with her younger brother, Calvin—while simultaneously fleshing out the lives of Beatrice's impressionable students (they are in awe of the crassness of This Boy's Life). Though there isn't much in the way of plot, Bynum's sympathy for her protagonist runs deep, and even the slightest of events comes across as achingly real and, sometimes, even profound. Bynum writes with great acuity, and the emotional undercurrents in this sharp take on coming-of-age and growing up will move readers in unexpected ways.


  1. Blind Hope sounds so good!

  2. Nice set of books. Dog rescue stories are always heart warming. Here are my Friday Finds

  3. Blind Hope sounds so touching.

  4. Nice finds! Mrs. Hempel's Chronicles appeals to me.

  5. My dear sweet Mia passed away 2 years ago and she was only three years old. She taught me more about unconditional love that I have ever witnessed in my life. I am just not sure I am ready to read Blind Hope yet --- but it does sound like a beautiful testimony to the fact that our dogs truly are 'man's best friend'

  6. I'm curious about All The Living! Good finds!

  7. I think Dewey the Library Cat has finished me off where animal books are concerned. I can not cry anymore tears!

  8. All of these sound excellent, but I am most thrilled about Blind Hope. I just love animal stories. Thanks for sharing these with us. They are going on the list!!

  9. I teared up reading your blurb for Blind Hope. My friend's dog of 10 years just had surgery to remove his eyes. Apparently, the pressure was too great and causing Frankie quite a bit of pain so their options were:

    a) Remove his eyes and sew the lids shut.

    b) Insert glass eyes.

    You can imagine the unbelievable cost involved in inserting glass eyes but that is what they went with because they could not stand the idea of seeing their beloved with stitched eyes.

    Oh! It broke my heart! The doc said his nose would take over for his eyes though. This Blind Hope book reminded me of their story.

  10. Ti,

    OMG...I am tearing up reading your comment about your friend's dog; just so very sad, yet so lucky to have had a family who love him so much to go through all that for him :(


    How sad to have lost your dog so very young. I am happy he brought so much into your life in such a short time.

  11. I love your Friday Finds! Ms. Hempel's looks great!

  12. Now you KNOW I will have to read Blind Hope! Your other finds look wonderful as well.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. know I'm going to love Blind Hope. What an awesome cover. So sweet.

  14. bling Hope is one that I've been wanting to read too!!! Great finds!

  15. Blind Hope sounds like a must read. I love to read stories about animals, even if they do make me cry.


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