Monday, April 4, 2016

Missoula: Rape & the Justice System in a College Town; Jon Krakauer

Random House Audio - 2015

Missoula, Montana, population 70,000 and home of the University of Montana's highly successful football team, the Grizzlies.  This book delves into the highly publicized rape scandals that took place between 2008 and 2012 at the University involving members of the football team.  It also highlights the outcomes of the Department of Justices year long investigation of these allegations.

The author shares several stories where rape and even gang rape perpetrated by football team members were reported.  Not all of the incidents were reported immediately, because the victims were reluctant to speak up for a variety of reasons. Some of the attackers were acquaintances and once the rape investigations were underway the victims were interrogated in a manner that made it seem that they were at least partially to blame for the attacks.  

Missoula, was hard to listen to at times and, it is a story that will likely anger many readers or listeners.  They story seemed well-researched and included actual transcripts and recordings. It's an important story about a growing problem on colleges campuses today.  The audio version was fantastic but the material disturbing as well.  Narrated by Scott Brick and Mohan Marno - both were excellent.

4.5/5 stars
(library audio)


  1. Krakauer never disappoints. I read this one and thought it was definitely eye opening.

  2. He definite does his research. I hadn't realized you read this one.

  3. I listened to this one too. It's such an important book but, boy, did it make me angry at times. We really need to have a conversation about rape with our young people.

    1. Kathy, I think yours was the first review I read and it really made me want to read it, Having worked at (2) different colleges over the years I saw lots of changes in how institutions now take the seriousness of such allegations.

  4. I finished this not too long ago and agree with everything you've written here!

  5. This had been on my want list for some time. Do you recommend the audio? I am familiar with Montana and the Missoula area. Thanks for reminding me.

  6. This is one of the books I feel like I really should read. It's a huge problem on all campuses, I know.

  7. This is one I am looking forward to reading and not just because I really like the author's other books. It's a subject that interests me quite a bit. I can only imagine how disturbing it was to read. It's definitely a subject that deserves more attention.

  8. I think I'll add this to my audio wishlist, although I have a feeling it won't be an enjoyable listening experience. I'm thankful my daughter is out of college (graduated 10 years ago - eek!), but I have a granddaughter and two nieces who will be entering college in the next 5-7 years...

  9. This book is SOOO important to read! I loved how Krakauer showed all the problems in campuses nowadays - the prevalent attitudes, the belief that girls were asking for it, etc. So well-done!

  10. This would make me mad for sure. Unfortunately, my tolerance for things that I know will make me mad s very low right now.


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