Tuesday, November 17, 2009

176 - Have a Little Faith: A True Story; Mitch Albom

Have a Little Faith: A True Story, by Mitch Albom is a book that I hoped might be an appropriate read this last week, while spending time with my dying brother during his final days.  I was not disappointed.

Mitch Albom  has written a beautiful story about his amazing eight-year journey involving two men of God, two different faiths and two communities.

Mitch Albom was asked to write a eulogy by his childhood Rabbi, Albert Lewis "Reb", when he was 82 years old. To do this Mitch made many visits to the rabbi's home to spend time with him, and his family get to know theme better.

This time spent with the Rabbi gave the author an opportunity to reflect on his own lapsed faith. Although Albom had a religious education, but had pretty much walked away from religion. He was now a Jewish man, married to a Catholic woman.

In the process of these meetings Albom meets a Christian Pastor named Henry Covington.  Covington was an ex-drug dealer who had begun a ministry to the homeless in Detroit. His calling came after a spiritual bargain Covington had made with God when he spared his life. The "I Am My Brother's Keeper" ministry, was a very poor church in Detroit. The church was so poor, the roof leaked and the building itself was decaying badly.  Despite this, Covington showed Albom how lives truly can be reformed when people have faith and hope, and reach for it.

The book was written over a period of eight years, and the only bond between the two religious men was their belief in God. One Christan, one Jew, and their philosophy on life and death, and good and evil.

My Thoughts: I think this book would appeal to both religious and secular individuals. People who were born into faith, have lost faith, or are still searching for something will find this powerful story insightful. From issues of doubting God, the importance of faith in trying times, and why bad things sometimes happen. The book is written in an informal memoir style.  I love the fact that this book was never preachy, but I did find it comforting and inspirational.  RECOMMENDED


  1. I am so sorry about your brother, Diane.

    This book does sound inspirational. I've read a couple of books by this author. I love his writing style. I will have to look for this one. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Diane, I'm glad you read and recommend this book. Mitch Albom is such a good writer! Excellent, concise review.

  3. Loved his first book, so I've been meaning to read this one. Glad you found it comforting at such a difficult time. I pray you have continued blessings.

  4. I'm so pleased to hear that this book provided you with some comfort. In the past I have found Mitch Albom to be overly sentimental, but I can see that might be exactly what you need when going through such a hard time. Have you enjoyed any of his other books?

  5. I'm so glad you found this book comforting! It's such a blessing to find the right book at the right time when one needs to read it!

  6. Many thanks for your review. Adding it to my reading list!

  7. If you're a fan of HAVE A LITTLE FAITH, and a fan of Mitch Albom's, here's a great charity Mitch started to repair Pastor Henry Covington's church roof. All it takes is a small donation ($5, $10, $25) to help repair the roof of the Pilgrim Church in Detroit that Pastor Covington runs before Michigan winter sets in. Any money over and above the $20,000 needed, will go to other places of worship in need of repair. Check out the A HOLE IN THE ROOF FOUNDATION'S webpage at:


    No donation is too small!!

  8. I bought this book as soon as I saw it on the bookstands, as I always do with Mitch Albom books. The book print is easy to read, the book is a good length to read in a couple days, and as usual, I felt a sense of inspiration when I finished reading it. Frequently, Mitch's story lines take death, near death, or dying situations and reflect upon the important parts of living. I see myself in many of his characters, and I laugh, cry, and have a hard time putting the book down. Mitch Albom is one of my favorite authors and he never disappoints me. He writes with an honesty and sensitivity that grips your heart and changes your life.


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