Friday, September 30, 2011

September in Review

Goodbye summer, Hello fall.
Do you love fall as much as me? 

I love fall for, cooler temps, foliage trips, and wearing sweaters and jeans once again. I also like the fact that my reading choices tend to change with some seasons as well. Summer for me means a craving for lighter beach reads - the kind of books some people call "woman's fiction". Maine, by Courtney Sullivan was a good example.  In fall and winter, I crave more thrillers and mysteries, so the RIP Challenge is one I like to participate in. I love reading mysteries in front of the fireplace while wrapped in comfy quilt and having a cup of tea or coffee.  This coming Sunday I hope to compile a list of fall titles I'd like to tackle, and I'll be asking if you have any favorites from my list which will help me decide.

How did your reading go in September? I was pleased with what I read, and or listened to. I read (9) books and reviewed (8) so far.
  1. Reservation Road; John Burnham Schwartz - 4.5/5 (eBook) 
  2. Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman; Murakami (audio) - 4/5 
  3. The Night Strangers; Chris Bohjalian - 4/5 
  4. The Night Circus; Erin Morgenstern - 5/5
  5. Frenchman's Creek; Daphne DuMaurier - 4/5 
  6. Those Across the River; Christopher Buehlman - 4/5 (review) 
  7. Duma Key; Stephen King - 4/5 (audio and eBook)
  8. Bel Canto; Ann Patchett - 4/5 (audio) 
  9. The Homecoming of Samuel Lake; Jenny Wingfield  (eBook) - 5/5  - no review yet

  • Favorite  Fiction Books - The Night Circus and The Homecoming of Samuel Lake (5/5 for both) 
  • Favorite Audio Book -  Duma Key; Stephen King (4/5) 
  • New authors -   3/9- YTD - 60/93
  • Review Books - 4/9 -YTD - 43/93
  • 5 star books - 2/9 -   YTD -  23/93
  • 4 star books - 7/9-    YTD - 58/93
  • 3 star books - 0/9 -   YTD - 8/93
  • 2 star books - 0/9-    YTD - 3/93
~~~~~ Challenge Progress ~~~~~
  • 100+ Reading Challenge - 93/100
  • Reading From My Shelves Project - 46/50
  • Audio Book Challenge - 26/20 - COMPLETED
  • eBook Challenge - 12/20
  • Europa Challenge - 2/4
  • RIP VI Challenge - 3/4
How was your month for books?


  1. How can it be the last day of September already? You had a great month... will be looking for your fall list!

  2. Great month! It looks like you enjoyed everything you read this month (love it when that happens).

    I hope to read The Night Circus in October, everyone seems to love this book.

    Enjoy October - I'm with you... love fall.

  3. Fall is my favorite season. The scenery where we live is outstanding, the cool temps invigorate me, the sky is the blue we moved here for and the night sky is full of thousands of stars, and the grass usually doesn't grow as fast so I have more free time. I say usually because of course this has been such a rainy year and right now I can't even walk in the yard it's so wet. I love it anyway. I too am reading more seriously, under a quilt, with a cup of tea at hand.

  4. You read quite a variety of things this month! I also love the fall and winter, and even though the temperatures don't get nearly as cool as I want them to be, I feel happy when I can break out the sweaters and winter boots.

  5. I like fall too, but I'm not a fan of the cold season! Hey, in September I finally finished one book, seriously, I'm a distracted reader!!!

  6. You had a good month, Diane. Fall is probably my favorite season.
    So interesting that your reading changes with the seasons! I hope October is just as good a reading month as September was!

  7. A number of the books you read are on my TBR list. Looks like you had a great month!

  8. You had a great reading month. The Night Circus seems to be the book to read!

  9. Great job this month. I too am 7 books away from 100!

  10. September was a great reading month for you, Diane! It's hard to believe that October is nearly here. The shorter days make me want to read inside during the darker evenings. :)

  11. Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season of the year! :)

  12. You had an amazing reading month! Not a bad book in the bunch! Woo hoo!

  13. Happy October to you Diane!! I can't believe Sept. is gone already! I'm reading Maine right now. Have a great Fall!

  14. you had a good reading month with all 4 and 5 star books.So glad you loved The Night Circus. I'm just glad my reading drought ended this month

  15. I've been hearing fantastic things about Night Circus. I really must get a hold of a copy

  16. I do love fall (although unlike most, I could do without the pumpkin lattes...blech).

  17. It looks like you had a great month of reading in September. You read some books that I cannot wait to read myself including The Night Circus, The Night Strangers, and Those Across the River. Hope October is as good of a reading month for you!!

  18. I'm reading Night Circus now and enjoying it too. Looks like you made some good choices last month, all 4s and a 5.

  19. I love Fall! I'm waiting for the colors to change completely! You had a fabulous month! I am looking forward to reading a couple of the titles you enjoyed!

  20. Mmmm, I love fall! Blankets, tea, and books, but still no snow to shovel. What could be better?

    You've read some great books over the past month! After being away in August, I enjoyed getting my reading back on track in September and had a pretty good reading month.

  21. Looks like you're having a great year - well done on the number of books read!

  22. Yes, yes, yes! The Samuel Lake book received a 5/5 from me as well. So glad you loved it.

  23. I look forward to fall too. My September was okay but it brought to light some problems I've been experiencing lately and is steering me to a new direction next year for my blog!

  24. I love Fall too, but I live in a part of the country that is usually still hot through October. Our Winter is often like Fall. Oh well, I pretend that I get seasons and have favorite reading genres for those. Tend to read Fantasy in Spring, Science Fiction or Chick Lit in Summer, "scary" stories in Fall (yay, RIP!), and mysteries (especially cozies) in Winter :)

  25. I read and loved Murakami's and Patchett's books. here is my September wrap up:
    Emma @ Words And Peace


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