Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Girl Who Played With Fire; Stieg Larsson

Author:  Stieg Larsson
Publication Year: 2010
Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
Edition: trade
Source: Purchased
Setting: Sweden
Date Completed: 1/7/2012
Rating: 4/5
Recommend: yes

In this follow up to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, the second book of the Millennium series, The Girl Who Played With Fire, was probably even more fast paced than book one. In my opinion, you should read these books in order, as you'll really get a better feel for Lisbeth Salander, and what has been going on with her.

As this story begins, Lisbeth Salander enjoying her new wealth, altering or should I say enhancing her appearance through plastic surgery, and relaxing at a hotel in Grenada as a terrible storm looms. Back in Sweden no one knows where she is, but Mikel Blomkvist, publisher of Millennium magazine, is preparing to run an explosive feature exposing of the underage sex slave business in Sweden, which involves some top-ranked officials and crooked cops. The day before the feature is to run the journalist responsible, Dag Svensson and his partner Mia, are murdered. The following day there is another murder, that of Nils Bjurman.  Although he seems unconnected to the other two,  he happened to be Lisbeth Salander's legal guardian.

When the same fingerprints show up in both of these cases, the hunt is on for the elusive Lisbeth Salander.  Even her old pal Blomkvist has no idea where she is, but he believes she is innocent and wants to help prove it.  Having tapped into his computer, Lisbeth communicates in cryptic ways sending clues about who might be responsible.

The book started out full steam, but then had several lulls throughout the 600+ page storyline (much could have been eliminated, in my opinion). There were too many unnecessary details, throughout the book.  Don't get me wrong, this was still a fantastic story.  I liked the direction the continuation of this series took, and while some interesting things were revealed about Lisbeth's family history, I felt the that the introduction lead the reader to believe that we would learn a lot more about why she is the way she is.  That just didn't happen.  The story did pick up again in the last third of the book, with lots more action and revelations, which made me as the reader anxious to read the final book of the series.


  1. I need to go ahead and read the final book too...I've put it off for a long time. I really like the Lisabeth Salander character and we won't get to read about her anymore once we read the final book :(

  2. The idea of Lisbeth talking in code to Blomkvist is so interesting -- but the gore factor of the first book had me worried about reading this one. Is it as violent as the first one?

  3. Col...IMO, the violence wasn't jaw dropping as in the 1st book/movie.

    Patti...I love the Lisbeth character as well, and as a result, I'm anxious to see what happens to her.

  4. I only read the first sentence of your review just in case it has Dragon Tattoo spoilers but I am excited that you gave it 4/5.

  5. I enjoyed this book, but I did feel there was a part at the end that could have been cut out altogether.

  6. I saw the movie of the first book and am looking forward to movies of this book as well! Glad you liked it!

  7. This is one that I need to read after having read the first, but I feel less pressure to read it since I have seen the movies, and basically know the whole story. I will get to it sometime though!

  8. I agree with you … there were some things that could have been done to make the series stronger -- like making Lisbeth the centerpiece from the get go!

  9. Even though there were lulls I will be reading this book!!

  10. I read the first and loved it, but then I watched all three of the Swedish movies, and just haven't gone back to read the other two books. I should really remedy that.

  11. Those unnecessary details are why I never finished the third book. Someone needed to not be afraid to edit those books!

  12. After seeing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I feel like I really need to start this series. I loved Lisbeth.

  13. I listened to the first two books in this series on audio - and I agree that sometimes he rambles. Intriguing stories, however, and I'm hoping to get to #3 soon. Haven't seen the movie yet, but considering the violence in the book, not sure I want to.

  14. I loved the recent film the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and have wanted to start reading the series. I am disappointed that this story does not explain more about Lisabeth, but I will likely read it anyway.

    Excellent review!


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