Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Reading in Review

March was one of those months where I surprised myself pulled in lots of different directions. With work, the baby showers, and an unusually warm month temperature-wise, I tried walking as often as possible, and hoped my time for reading wouldn't be reduced as a result.  Well, I was happy to have found a way around that.  I squeezed in several cute books for little ones, which i really enjoyed and added to the "baby books list" as well.  This is such fun finding new books for little ones after being away from them for several decades.  Here's what my month looked like:

March Books Read
(21) Books read (13) - Kids Books (3) audio books (12) eBooks (4) Non-fiction

  1. Worth Fighting For; Lisa Niemi Swayze (NF - memoir - 4/5)
  2. The Beginner's Goodbye; Anne Tyler - 5/5 (contemporary fiction - review copy) 
  3. Waiting for Sunrise; William Boyd - 4.5/5 (literary fiction- review copy) 
  4. How To Babysit a Grandpa; Jean Reagan ( 5/5) (kids - eBook)
  5. Small Bunny's Blue Blanket; Tatyana Feeney (4.5/5) (kids-eBook)
  6. Dancing Feet; Lindsay Craig (5/5) (kids-eBook) 
  7. The Night Bookmobile; Audrey Niffenberger - 4/5 ( 4/5 - graphic novel)
  8. Hide and Seek; Il Sung Na - 4/5 (kids eBook)
  9. I Like Old Clothes;  3.5/5 - (Kids - eBook)
  10. Falcon; Tim Jessell - 5/5 - (kids - eBook)
  11. Inch By Inch; Leo Lionni - 4.5/5 (kids eBook)
  12. Travels With Charley in Search of America; John Steinbeck - 4/5 (audio/trade) 
  13. A Ball for Daisy; Chris Rashchka - 4/5 (kids - library book)
  14. Underground; Shane Evans - 5/5 - (kids library)
  15. Horns; Joe Hill (audio) - 4/5 (audio) 
  16. Old Bear; Kevin Henkes - 5/5 (kids library)
  17. Fancy Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth; Jane O'Connor - 4.5/5 (eGalley) 
  18. The Chicken Problem; Oxley and Aronson - 5/5 (eBook)
  19. Where's Ellie?; Salina Yoon - 4.5/5 (eBook)
  20. Lots of Candles Plenty of Cake; Anna Quindlen (5/5) - (NF - no review yet)
  21. Quiet; Susan Cain (5/5) (audio & eBook) - (NF - no review yet)

Books in Progress  

  1. Defending Jacob; William Landy (audio book) 
  2. The Underside of Joy; Halverson eBook
  1. Money Ball (loved it)
  2. Hugo (loved it)
  April Plans

Well my March plans did not work out, so I'm hesitant to make any for April, but I do want to at least read, Calico Joe; John Grisham, The Professor's Assassin, Matthew Pearl, the prequel to his latest release, The Technologists.

How did your month go? Any plans for April?


  1. You did awesome! Happy April reading!

  2. Wow, great month, Diane. I've heard Defending Jacob is great so I look forward to your thoughts about the audiobook. Have a great week!

  3. WOW, picking jaw up from floor :)

    What a great month, love that you read a bunch or children's books.

    I haven't tried reading graphic novels. I love Neffenegger... maybe I should try reading hers.

    Cheers to a successful April!

    1. Thanks Mari, I'm not thrilled with graphic novels but The Night Bookmobile was fun and not too long either. Have a great April yourself as well.

  4. Fantastic reading month for you! My TBR list grew by a couple of books.

  5. I wish I could get as much reading done! Have you read the WOOL books by Hugh Howey? Not to be missed!

    1. I just looked up the Wool series you mentioned as I hadn't heard of it. I've added them to the wish list. Thanks for mentioning.

  6. I see a few kids books. That's a great idea! I've been borrowing a few children's books from the library for my grand-niece!

    1. Hope you enjoy peppering your reading with a few kids books -- I find it so much fun.

  7. Diane, you did great for March; I got a few books for my kids, but did not read them myself. Happy reading and more fun in April.

  8. Diane, you did great for March; I got a few books for my kids, but did not read them myself. Happy reading and more fun in April.

  9. I don't make specific reading plans. I just have stacks of books that I try to get to as fast as I can.

  10. Wow, you read a lot in one month!! I'm impressed. I didn't know Audrey Niffenegger had a new one out. Not sure whether to try it. Time Traveler's Wife was one of my all-time favorite novels, but I wasn't as impressed with her second one.

    I can't wait to read Defending Jacob.


    Book By Book

  11. If that's a slow month then I want it!! LOL!!

  12. Looks like you had a great month even if it went a little differently than planned. Good luck with April!


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