Friday, May 18, 2012

Carry the One; Carol Anshaw

Title: Carry the On
Author:  Carol Anshaw
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Edition: ARC and audio
Source: Edelweiss and Amazon
Setting:  Wisconsin, Illinois....
Date Completed: May/2012
Rating: 4/5
Recommend: yes

In Carry the One, one bad decision by a group of drunk and stoned young adults, to drive home after a wedding, results in the death of a young troubled girl named Casey Redman, who was wandering the streets in the wee hours of the morning.

The story focuses on the lives of the siblings Nick, Carmen and Alice, who had just attended Carmen's wedding to Matt. Nick's girlfriend Olivia, drove the car, as the group traveled back home from the wedding at an old farmhouse in Wisconsin.

Although the accident took place in 1983, the story spans some 25 years, and renders a tragic story about the lives of the individuals left to carry on with their lives in the aftermath of a young girl's death. While Olivia, the driver, goes to jail, the others struggle with their own personal demons in the aftermath of the horrific event.

The story is told from alternating POVs, but there is no real suspense, or edge of your seat moments, yet, the story was well written and the characters were compelling in their own way. I think readers who enjoy stories about about flawed characters and family dysfunction will enjoy this story. It gives the reader a lot to think about. This one too would make a good story for discussion groups.

The audio version was read by Renee Raudman whose performance was just average in my opinion.


  1. I do like family dysfunction and this story sounds like it could be true. It sounds like a book I'd love.

  2. I was excited about reading this when it first came out but then I read a few lackluster reviews and it got pushed down in the pile. It sounds like I might like it... if I'm in the right mood.

  3. "Flawed characters and family dysfunction" I'm in! ;o).

  4. So many of us love reading about flawed and dysfunctional families :)
    I will read this one and skip the audio.

  5. I really loved this one when I read it earlier this year. I'm sorry to hear the audio didn't live up to the book.

  6. I've been curious about this one so I'm glad to see your review. I think I'll have to check it out.

  7. That's me. I love flawed characters and dysfunction.

  8. Another I read and never reviewed. I agree it was pretty good..


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