Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend ~ The Official Kick-Off of My Summer Reading 2012

For me, Memorial Day weekend officially kick off the summer. For me that often means, a few easier, lighter reads, that require less focus, are still fun, and will enable me to people watch and bird watch, whether on the beach or in the park.  

  • I'm starting my own, personal summer-reading challenge.  
  • I'm making a list of (15) books, all from my physical shelves.
  • I'm hoping to read and review (10) from this list.
  • Feel free to make your own list and use the image as well.
Here's My List:
  1. Yellow Raft in Blue Water; Michael Dorris
  2. Northwest Corner; John Schwartz (4/5) 
  3. The Spectator Bird; Wallace Stegner (5/5)
  4. The First Day of the Rest of My Life; Cathy Lamb
  5. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest; Stieg Larsson
  6. A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty; Josilyn Jackson (5/5) -
  7. The Stand; Stephen King (4/5)
  8. Prodigal Summer; Barbara Kingsolver
  9. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry; Rachel Joyce - 5/5 (no review yet)
  10. Model Home; Eric Puchner
  11. Tell the Wolves I'm Home; Carol Rifka Brunt - 5/5 (no review yet)
  12. Evening Ferry; Katherine Towler
  13. A Translation of the Bones; Francesca Kay  4.5/5 
  14. The Folded Earth; Anuradha Roy 4/5 (no review yet)
  15. Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale; Lynda Rutledge
Have you read any of these? If so which do you recommend?


  1. I've read only one of your books. I have my eye on the Kingsolver book also. Have fun reading this summer!

  2. Prodigal Summer is a great summertime read! I've also (although unofficially) planned to make this a TBR summer. There are just so many really promising books lingering on my bookshelf that I can't deny them any longer - they MUST have their time in the sun! And by golly, this will be the summer to give them the attention they deserve.

  3. Start with A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty!!

  4. I agree with Kathy! A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty was an amazing book, and one of my favorites of the year. I also have read a few others on your list, and would have to say that you are headed for some wonderful summer reading!

  5. In general, my summer reading is the same as the rest of the year. But this year I am reading something special and particular to the season - Edwin Way Teale's Journey into Summer. (did I tell you this?)

  6. I've read only one in this list, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's nest, and I like it best in the trilogy.
    All the others in your list sound fascinating. will wait for you to review them.
    All the best on your reading challenge!
    Please do visit my book review blog at
    and if you like it, please do follow!

  7. You caught my eye with the Vanderbee's book. Also, Prodigal Summer is one of my fave reads ever!

  8. I read and enjoyed The First Day of the Rest of My Life, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty, and The Diary. I am going to read whatever grabs my attention!

  9. I've read the Larsson book and the Kingsolver book. Both are favorites of mine. The other books I haven't even heard of! Well, I'm sure to see them on your blog once you've read them. Good luck with the challenge.

    I will be reading a lot from my TBR, I hope. I've been inundated with review books between January and May and have consciously cut down on requesting more for the summer. I have so much still to read on the shelves!

  10. It's been several years since I read yellow Raft on Blue Water, but it's wonderful. I've actually read it a couple of times.

    Prodigal Summer is also very good. She has a new novel coming out this fall, too!

    I've heard good things about Faith Bass Darlings from one of my reading twins. It's high on my list!

    I like the idea of a personal summer reading challenge. Maybe I'll fill one of my B&N summer canvas bags with a dozen or so from my shelves and just reach in and grab whatever's on top.

    Here's to a glorious summer!

  11. Gosh, i don't do summer reading, let alone have a list. In any season.
    I need to get on the stick!

  12. I have my eye on several of these books! Enjoy your summer reading, Diane. You are so much more organized than me. :)

  13. I'm working my way through the Stieg Larsson books and I haven't gotten to the third book yet. However, I did finish Larsson's partner's memoir (There are Things About Stieg Larsson That I want you to Know) and it sheds a lot of background on the novels, so you might want to check it out too.

  14. I haven't read any on your list. Summer reading should be lighter - good choice, Diane. Have a wonderful weekend and the start to your summer reading!

  15. I haven't read any of those, but many are on my wishlist, so I hope you enjoy them! I need to start my summer reading project too!

  16. I haven't read any of those but I have a few of them on my shelf.

    I would make a reading list if there was even the remote possibility that I would actually stick to the list. But I know it would never happen! I'm already failing miserably at the 2012 TBR Pile Challenge.

  17. How about ... Hornet's Nest so you can finish up the trilogy. :) I've got Some Kind of Pretty waiting for pick up at the library, so I'll be listening to that soon. I've only read/heard good things about it. I hope you enjoy your challenge no matter what you choose!

  18. Great list! My summer reading is just around the corner. School will be out June 12th and that's when I really get a lot of time to read! Have fun with your list!

  19. The only one I've read is Prodigal Summer... probably my favorite Kingsolver novel so far. Wallace Stegner is amazing, too. Haven't read The Spectator Bird, but it's on my wish list.

  20. Great idea to do your own reading challenge. I really should do that too, although I just need to whittle down my huge pile of books that I have to read. I haven't read any of these, but I love the idea! :)

  21. I read Northwest Corner and highly recommend it - although I'm not sure I would brand it a lighter read. It has some pretty heavy subject matter although the writing style is easy to read and quite good.

  22. As far as challenges go, I rarely complete any :) But this looks good, so I think I will join in the fun.. Will post about it soon :)

  23. Well I haven't read any if these but there are a few that I want to. Enjoy your summer reading Diane. I look forward to your thoughts on the books you pick.

  24. This sounds like my kind of challenge! I just may have to join in...and come up with a list of course :) I've only read A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty by Joshilyn Jackson. It was REALLY good so I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did! Good luck with this challenge!!

  25. What a great list. This is my first summer trying to read from a list. I have several challenges started. I have only read "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest". I did like it,better the the 2nd one. I may steal from your list if I get my other challenges done. Good Luck!

  26. I've read none of these but look forward to hearing more about them from you! Hope you enjoyed the start of your summer. I always think of Memorial Day weekend as my official start too!

  27. I love that you have a personal challenge going! So admirable! I think Kingsolver is a lovely summer choice, and of course all of us who have read Joshilyn Jackson just love her!


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