Friday, March 1, 2019

Please Humor me - Chewy.Com

Please humor me while I vent about a frustrating experience while at the same time praising a wonderful company.

I placed my first order with Chewy.Com on Wednesday morning: (2) 20lb jugs of cat litter, (2) 24-can boxes of wet cat food and a Drinkwell Platinum Drinking fountain.  The order arrived the very next day.  How great is that?

Not so fast though, the UPS guy left the huge box outside our front door and it was clear to see litter decorated our front steps. As I tried to lift the hefty box into the house (must have weighed 55lbs), the litter spread out onto the floor. The box wasn't ripped open so I gently untaped it to find this:

Everything was pretty much ruined by the broken jugs of cat litter and lack of care by UPS in handling the package.

Frustrated I called CHEWY and they could not have been nicer.  Offering to replace everything and asking me to donate anything salvagable to the local shelter. My new order is arriving tomorrow and the litter is being shipped separately this time.

SO BRAVO for Chewy's Customer Service.

 Do you know I also heard a story that when someone ordered expensive cat food from them and their cat had died the same week, they refunded her money, asked her to donate food to the shelter and even sent her a floral arrangement with their sympathies!! This is an outstanding company that is worth doing business with.

Thanks for listening to my tale of woe and allowing me to tell you about my positive outcome. We will definitely continue doing business with this outstanding company.

My highest praises go out to Chewy,com.


  1. We love Chewy and order from them weekly, but we just stopped ordering litter for the same reason. They always replaced it but cleaning up the mess was too frustrating. They do have great customer service but unfortunately the warehouse packers aren't the best. They did send flowers when my sisters died, which was very thoughtful.

  2. So nice to find a responsible company these days.

  3. I have heard nothing but good things about Chewy.

  4. I've only ordered from Chewy once but after reading your comments about them, especially about what they did after learning the woman's cat had died (which made me tear up) I will order from them again. I love that they want you to donate damaged good to a local shelter! Wow, that's amazing customer service!!

  5. I love Chewy, too. Wonderful post. :)

  6. I've been on the fence about trying but you just sold me. I love supporting companies that have really great customer service. How frustrating about the shipping. While I haven't had too many problems with UPS USPS has ruined more than its fair share of my packages.

  7. What an awesome company. I'll see if they carry our food products for my dog.

  8. Diane,
    I can so deeply sympathize with your frustration and utter dismay!
    I'm so glad that Chewy has been responsive to you. Great company, yes.
    Based on my experiences with UPS, I would suggest (although what a pain in the neck it is!) to notify UPS, who will direct you immediately to a responsible person in your local UPS carrier office. It's useful to talk with the local carrier office, I've found, because 1) sometimes their handling is at fault and 2) because they are often in communication with companies (like Chewy) whose shipping may need to be more carefully handled.
    Like you, I do not want kitty litter all over everywhere!!
    Have a terrific weekend!!
    I've had good luck with this approach. I hope

  9. Wow Chewy sounds like a wonderful company! That's nice to hear. :)

  10. Love this company too. They do it right. Great customer service and great prices. Super fast shipping.

  11. They take their business very seriously. It's so rare to find a company like that! How great that you had a positive outcome! :-) Greetings to Lucy and Ricky.


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