Wednesday, July 3, 2019

3 cute kids books for summer - Candlewick Press

The Pawed Piper; Michelle Robinson (Illust: Chinlun Lee
Candlewick Press 2019

This is a delightful tale about a little girl who desperately wants a cat of her own, just like Hector, her granny's cat.

She comes up with an idea to attract cats and it works. Sixty-seven cats have made their way to the young girl's house. She never anticipated this would happen, what will she do?  Of course, everything works out well in the end including one happy little girl with a cat of her own.

Regardless if you are a little (or big) cat lover, you are going to adore this gem - utterly delightful and such sweet illustrations as well.


Michelle Houts (Illust: Bagram Ibatoulline)
Candlewick Press

When Thomas visits his grandmother's sea side cottage she gives him a magnifying glass that had once belonged to his grandfather.  As Thomas begins to explore the beach, he finds unique pieces of sea glass and other treasures. His imagination has him dreaming of shipyards, the christening of ships and other imaginings about the past as well.   Fast forward and years later Thomas is a grandfather himself, he gets to see his own granddaughter Annie, explore the magic of the sea as well.

This book was a nice trip into the past. It's a book that will appeal to anyone who has sweet memories of summers spent at the beach. The book has lovely illustrations which includes a very elderly looking grandmother, but it also is a book which encourages conversations, exploration and imagination.


Bear's Book
 Claire Freedman (Illust: Allison Friend)
Templar / Candlewick Press

Bear loves to read but his very favorite book is so worn out that one day when it's windy, the pages blow away.  Instead of being saddened by what has happened, he has an idea - maybe he can write his own storybook. If he can't do it alone, then maybe his friends, mouse, rabbit and owl will help him. Of course, the friends accomplish their goal by working together and they are already planning another book. Great whimsical illustrations and BONUS: a copy of their new book -  "Bear's Story" is inserted within the main book.

A cute story about working together to get things done.


All 3 books seem perfect for pre-school to grade 1 perhaps.


  1. Those look so cute! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Children's books are so beautiful these days!

  3. Sea Glass Summer sounds lovely, especially since I enjoy collection sea glass in my cove.

  4. the Pawed Piper looks darling! I should get that for my granddaughter! Happy 4th!

  5. I think that readers become readers at a very young age (I can't remember not always being one, for instance). So seeing these wonderful children's books on offer makes me smile.

  6. Great post! I have been going to the library children's section and reading a few picture books from the 1990s, each of which won the Caldecott Medal, an award given by the American Library Association for the illustrator. I will do a post soon about some of them.


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