Monday, December 2, 2019

3 new Christmas Books for Kids

illustrated by Chris Judge
Walker Books - 2019

A buck-toothed sheep named Hillary dreams about a life beyond Farmer Jimmy's land.  Her multi-colored fleece makes her stand out from the flock so when Santa comes looking for some special wool for "the first Christmas sweater ever" it's Hillary who stand out.

A cute story with silly illustrations peppered throughout; there will be lot's to chuckle about as you read this little gem.

(Activity Book)
Candlewick Press-2019

This Christmas Activity Book has so much to offer and keep young children amused. There are 100 stickers with pages to be decorated. The book also features projects such as making a cake for the birds to enjoy, making leaf wreaths, outdoor animal tracking projects, make yourself a dog-faced mask, how about time for some snowflake paper chains or your own personal Christmas cards?  There are also fun word puzzles, jokes and several other activities to keep children busy and engaged.

Candlewick Press-2019

In this sweet Christmas story with a very happy ending, a brave little doe longs for a better life.  He and his family are part on a traveling circus which means long days under a hot tent and little time to rest.  Mama would tell stories of a cooler, magical place far away under the North Star. Dasher longed to go there.  

One windy night Dasher found an escape and found his way to this magical place. He joined Silver Bell who was in need of some help in preparing for Christmas.  Dasher loves his new home but, he misses his family but, Santa comes through, finding a way for Dasher and his family to be together again.

Fabulous illustrations, a sweet happy ending story and a must-buy for ages 3-8.


  1. All of three books look like winners!

  2. Those look great and it's terrific when the newer kid books are worthy of their target audience.

  3. Hi Diane,
    Lots to comment on here! First of all, We're Going on a Bear Hunt is a classic, very old children's book. It was very old when it was read to me and my younger brother. How cool is it that it has been resurrected?
    Thanks so much for posting the illustrations from all of these books. I'm entranced! I worked in a children's bookstore for 3 years in the 1990s and Christmas was my favorite time, for sure!

  4. Children's Christmas books are just the best thing about the season. I miss the days when I had someone in the house young enough to enjoy them. Those days were special.

  5. These books look fantastic! :)

  6. I am attracted to the bear hunt one.

  7. These look like wonderful Christmas books for children, but the best part is that they seem to appeal to adults, too. Always a plus.


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