Saturday, December 19, 2020

2 short story thrillers - Slow Burner, Laura Lippman and Buried, Jeffrey Deaver

Book #3 from the Amazon HUSH series, available free to Amazon Prime members.

In this quick thriller Liz Kelsey and husband Phil have had their marital low points - Phil had been cheating on Liz but, that's all behind them now, or is it?

Liz doesn't want to snoop on her husband but, when she discovers that her has a secret burner phone she has to wonder why? It seems he has been carrying on with his mistress. The more Liz reads the more furious she becomes.  What is this spurned wife capable of?

I really enjoyed the surprise ending!

 Book #4 of the Amazon Hush series - Edward "Fitz" Fitzhugh is an old school reporter, ready to retire when he decides that he is just too old to learn new technology. He is not interested in the digital age as his trusty reporter's notebook has served him just fine over the years. When he stumbles on a gem of a story, about a serial kidnapper, known as "The Gravedigger",  surfacing yet again, Fitz sees this as a his big chance to show his stuff. The kidnapper loves taunting police with clues as to where the victims can be found.

A satisfying short thriller with a great ending.


  1. Those both sound really good, we'll have to check out the Hush series.

  2. Sometimes short stories are powerful. I read one last night in Best American Short Stories by Mary Gaitskill called This Is Pleasure, about some women finally facing up to a male predator. It was mind bogglingly good!

  3. I love finding authors and getting to read a bunch of books that they've written. It's so satisfying.

  4. I love short stories. Both of these books sound good.

  5. I have not seen these and definitely curious about both!


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