Friday, December 18, 2020

A fun reading meme



I saw this meme over at Cath's blog, read-warbler and it looked like a fun way to see how my 2020 reading fit the sometimes quirky questions. The idea is to answer each question with the title of a book that you read this year. Here goes:

  1. Describe yourself:  A Little Bit of Grace
  2. How do you feel? The Same But Different Too
  3. Describe where you currently live: A Good Neighborhood
  4. If you could go anywhere, where would you go? A Week at the Shore
  5. Your favorite form of transportation: Hike
  6. Your best friend is: What You Wish For
  7. You and your friends are: All Adults Here
  8. What's the weather like? The Winters
  9. You fear: Most Dangerous Place
  10. What's the best advice you have to give? Channel Kindness
  11. Thought for the Day: Summer Longing
  12. My soul's present condition: Love is Powerful

Feel free to post your own.


  1. Those were good! I could go for a week at the shore, but during warm weather!

  2. I commented on another blog that his has to be a lot harder than it looks...I think you just further confirmed my suspicion. Well done.

  3. Very well done! I always have a difficult time with memes like this, I think it isn't how my brain works.

  4. That's quite clever. It would take me forever to make the titles all work, ha.

  5. This is so fun. I may have to borrow it!


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