Saturday, May 23, 2009

75 - Life Without Summer; Lynne Griffin

The beautiful cover art is what first attracted me to this book. I had no idea that I would become hooked after the very first page. I finished the book in just one day.

First Paragraph….

“There’s a thud as her little body collides with the steel fender. No scream. Just a soft sigh, a surprised breath inhaled as she’s lifted from the ground only to be returned there. I hear it happen. I see it happen. And I wasn’t even there”.

So begins Lynne Griffins amazing book Life Without Summer: A Novel.

Tessa is a young mother who can’t seem to get over the death of her four year old daughter, who was killed by a hit and run driver outside of Bright Futures pre-school in Massachusetts. Her husband Ethan encourages Tessa to see a therapist to help her through her grief. He tells her that it is not normal to sleep in Abby’s bed, with her baby blanket and stuffed bunny, after falling asleep reading a children's book.

Tessa agrees to meet with Celia, a therapist, and through those meetings Tessa makes some progress working through her grief. Trying to keep some balance in her life, she begins to open up about other personal demons in her life: a troubled teenage son, her alcoholic ex-husband, and a new husband. She continues to be obsessed with the fact the there seem to be no leads as to who the hit and run driver was, and at times is obsessed with finding out who killed Abby.

The story is told in alternating chapters by these two women. Through these therapy sessions the two women form a strong bond that helps each of them deal with issues of their own, and eventually each is in a better place mentally to make peace with their past.

Part mystery, part emotional human drama, this story is one that will have readers anxious to turn the pages and read on. Just about perfect in every way, a truly satisfying debut about grief, loss, marriage and women in crisis. I look forward to reading move books by the promising new author. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

RATING - 5/5 - COMPLETED - 5/22/09



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  2. This is the first time I've heard of this book - sounds great! :)

  3. This sounds so good Diane. Nice review. I like to read emotional stories such as these. I'll have to add this one to the list. It really is a wonderful cover.

  4. This sounds real good. As much as I enjoy reading mysteries, sometimes an emotional twist makes it that much more enjoyable. I have just placed it on hold through my library! Great review!

  5. I can understand the appeal of this book, but I don't think I could read it right now -- too many little girls in my family!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This book sounds interesting, my list if very long right now and I still trip over stuff at the edge of my bed in the mornings. But maybe in the future.

  7. I think I can smell who that driver was. Sounds like a decent summer read. :)

    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog today. Very much appreciated.

  8. Hi Diane. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your profile pic. I just love the beach! :)

  9. I've never heard of this either - it sounds like something I'd love. I've added it to the wishlist!

  10. It is a beautiful cover, isn't it? Glad the inside matched the cover for you. It sounds like an intriguing story, thanks for introducing me to it.

  11. Returning the favour of you visiting my blog and now regretting that I did so. Another book that definitely goes on my list - so many books, so little time!

  12. This sounds AWESOME!I don't usually branch out of the YA genre, but I think I'll give this one a shot because of your fantastic review! :-D

  13. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when a book you aren't expecting to hook you right away does just that? This sounds like a wonderful book, Diane. I quite enjoy books with alternating viewpoints. Thank you for the great review.

  14. I haven't heard of this one before, but it sounds really good. I'm adding to my list.


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