Thursday, May 28, 2009

78 - The Dark Tide; Andrew Gross

I enjoyed listening to the audio book: The Blue Zone CD, a debut novel for Andrew Gross, so I thought I would also enjoy the author’s second book: The Dark Tide as well. I was right; it was very good.
In this story, read by Melissa Leo, (who was excellent) Charles Friedman is a Wall Street, hedge fund executive who lives in Greenwich, Connecticut. On the very day he takes his car to the repair shop and rides the train into work, the train is bombed and Charles is missing and is presumed dead. On the same day, a suspicious hit-and-run accident leaves a young man dead in Charles’ hometown. At first the events seem unrelated until a detective finds a clue that seems to connect the two events.
A few months later when his widow has accepted the fact that her husband has died, two men show up at her home inquiring about Charles's business dealings. It seems hundreds of millions of dollars are missing, and all clues seem to point to Charles.
I listened to this audio book on my IPOD every evening for the last 8 days, and enjoyed the story and the reader a lot. The story was full of twists and turns and interesting characters, and it still allowed for a restful nights sleep. If you are looking for a good audio book for your next trip: The Dark Tide is recommended.
RATING – 4/5 - COMPLETED – 5/27/09
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