Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Finds

What great books did you hear about or discover this week? Share with us your FRIDAY FINDS!

Found these little gems at a recent book sale.

(13 books) - Total Cost $6.50
  1. The Terror: A Novel; Simmons - (read some great reviews on this one)
  2. Manhattan Nocturn; Colin Harrison - ( enjoyed other books by this author)
  3. Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight; D'Adamo - (I read this one a few years back (amazing info) but I think I loaned it out and never saw it again)
  4. The Last Stand of Fox Company: A True Story of U.S. Marines in Combat; Drury (this one is for someone else actually, but is suppose to be a good NF)
  5. World Without End; Ken Follett (I have Pillars of the Earth so of course I needed this one)
  6. Night of Many Dreams: A Novel; Gail Tsukiyami (Love this author)
  7. Lily of the Valley; Suzanne Strempek Shea (the author writes great stories that will make you chuckle as you read)
  8. Ghostwalk; Rebecca Stott (this has been on my wish list for a while)
  9. Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral; Kris Radish (I need ed a few lighter reads and this one seemed to fit the bill).
  10. Scent of Evil (Joe Gunther Mysteries); Archor Mayor (okay, so much for the lighter reads, but anyone who enjoys a good mystery from time to time has to read something by Archor Mayor)
  11. Riding With the Queen; Jeannie Shortridge (I never tired this author, but have read some great reviews so I'm looking forward to discovering her).
  12. The Last Lecture; Randy Pausch (I've read this one already; it was so touching I had to have a copy to keep).
  13. All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome; Kathy Hoopmann (read and reviewed this one yesterday - it was great)


  1. Bargain! I love finding cheap books. I'm off to a book sale this evening, so I'm hoping for some great finds too. Fingers crossed!

  2. 6.50 for all of those?????? That's a steal! I would pay that for the Gail Tsukiyama alone. :D

  3. This week, I found out that Hallie Ephron, who wrote a really good thriller in the last year (title "Never Tell a Lie") previously wrote five "medical mystery thrillers" under the name of G.H. Ephron. All five have the same main character, a forensic psychologis and this series was written in collaboration with a psychologist.

    My library has all five of the books. Yippee

    I also found out that Dan Brown's upcoming book has a first-run printing of FIVE MILLION copies !!!!

  4. Great deal! I just got Ghostwalk recently as well. Oh and the D'Adamo book...I go to his fathers practice, The D'Adamo Institute of Natural Therapies. Hope you enjoy it.

  5. I love book sales too! I can't resist cheap books.

  6. Ok, now I see how your stash gets so big :)

    What great finds. I've heard some mixed reviews about Ghostwalk but it's one I want to read too.

    Enjoy your books!

  7. I love the idea of the Asperger's book.

  8. I didn't exactly find it but I got The Elegance of the Hedgehog today. From Amazon.

  9. Great job at the sale. You'll love World without End. I listened to it last year.

  10. What a great bargain! It makes your day when you find great ones.Shortridge and Pausch are great authors! Happy reading!


  11. Don't ya just love great book sales! Its such a satisfing feeling to come away with a stack at a low low cost. Yum.

  12. Great load of books and at only $6.50. Can't beat that! Enjoy!

  13. Wow, that was a great book sale! I have The Terror lingering in my stacks.

  14. Wow! You are a great bargain hunter! All of your picks look interesting, but the cat book is my favorite.


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