Friday, November 18, 2011

Close Your Eyes; Amanda Eyre Ward

Author:  Amanda Eyre Ward
Publication Year: 2011 
Publisher: Random House Audio 
Edition: audio book
Reader: Meera Simhan and Phoebe Zimmerman ( poor choices)
Setting: New York
Source: Library
Date Completed: 11/11/2011
Rating: 2.5/5
Recommend: no

Back in 1986, when Lauren was only six and her brother Alex was eight, their mother was murdered as the children slept outdoors in their tree house. Their father was arrested and subsequently convicted of the murder.  The children were sent to live with their grandparents, but for the most part grew up in boarding schools.

Twenty-plus years later Lauren and Alex are grown, Alex is a doctor, and is in Iraq working with Doctors Without Boarders. Lauren is in real estate and lives with her boyfriend, believing marriage is not for her.  Lauren and Alex have different views on whether their father could have really murdered their mother. Lauren, has never contacted her father, believing he was guilty.  When Alex goes missing in Iraq, Lauren decides to spend time trying to find out what really happened on the night her mother was murdered.  Her investigation leads her to a person who can provide the information about what really happened on that awful night when she and her brother were so very young.

I like the way this novel started out and it was really holding my interest, even though the two female readers were a poor choice, in my opinion for this particular story.  Their voices, tone and expressions made them sound much younger than what was appropriate for this particular story.  The second problem I had with this novel was that, very abruptly a character by name of Sylvia takes over. Sylvia is looking for her friend Victoria when she was a young girl.  I listened and listened, and even ejected the cd to see it by chance the wrong cd was in the player.....nope, still the same book, but the story is not making much sense.  I decided to keep listening anyways to see where this was all going, and eventually the events of the past come to light. Unfortunately, by the time it begins to make sense, I sort of lost my enthusiasm for the story.  I have enjoyed this author in the past so I felt a little let down by this one.

Has anyone else read or listened to this book? What did you think?


  1. It sounds like this one would be better in print.

  2. My pile of books in Melbourne is now reaching desperate heights - only a week to go now but this one is available at the library!

  3. I have heard that the addition of the new narrator ruined this book for others as well. It seems like an odd choice, even it it did all come together in the end. I am not sure I would read this one, though most of the plot does sound interesting! Great review today!

  4. I read this one and enjoyed it, but as I read your review I realized how little of it stayed with me. I recall enjoying Lauren's story so much more, and it was quite jarring in print when the narrative transitioned to Sylvia. I read the novel in a single day and enjoyed it, but it isn't one I've remembered well or recommended to others. I am intrigued to try more by this author, as this was my first book of hers.

  5. Yes, I agree with Kathy, do you think this might be better in print? I have a copy, but haven't picked it up yet.

  6. Kathy and Kim, I do thing this one would be less annoying in print, but I doubt that even reading it in print would make it a WOW experience.

    Carrie, glad u enjoyed this one more than me.

  7. Thanks for the heads up … I'll be sure to avoid this one.

  8. I read this one and, like some of the others here, didn't find it memorable. Since I live in Texas, I enjoyed her descriptions of the Austin scene very much. But I do LOVE Ward's earlier books. SLEEP TOWARD HEAVEN is my favorite of hers and has been optioned for a movie version, too.

  9. What a strange way to write a novel - just get readers interested and then suddenly shift gears on them? I'll pass.

  10. Oh no. I haven't read any by this author yet. Which book did you like best?

  11. I read this one and enjoyed it, but like I posted on Goodreads, I cheated by looking ahead and trying to figure out who that person was!

  12. It sounds interesting but I agree it can be quite disorienting when the point of view changes like that, particularly when as the reader you've settled into the character's skin.

  13. I've read another one or two of Wards books and was iffy on them too. I don't remember exactly what I didn't like, but I remember them not working for me.


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