Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November in Review

After 10" of snow and power losses at the end of October, November turned out to be a seasonably mild month for us (they cut our grass yesterday and usually stop in mid-October).  Makes me kind of nervous about what winter will be like here.  November flew by so fast, but it was a really enjoyable month and I feel like I did a lot for some reason.

I'm actually looking forward to December because we get the week between Christmas and New Years off with pay, so i am already thinking about how lazy relaxed I will be.  I am so looking forward to seeing the English version of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo which releases on December 21st. I MUST read that book first! It's a December priority.

Are you planning on joining any Challenges for 2012. I'm not sure, but thinking I may join a few (not more than 5), as I found that totally manageable this year. I was considering: 100+ Book Challenge; Classics Challenge; eBook Challenge; Audio Book Challenge and probably (1) more.

How was your November in books? Here's what my month looked like:

  1. The Marriage Plot; Jeffrey Eugenides - 4/5 (audio and eBook)
  2. Troubling Love; Elena Ferrante - 4.5/5 (library) 
  3. America's Test Kitchens Menu Cookbook - 5/5 
  4. The Language of Flowers;Vanessa Diffenbaugh - 4/5 (eBook and audio)
  5. Awkward Family Pet Photos; Mike Bender and Doug Chernack - 4/5 (eBook)
  6. Close Your Eyes; Amanda Eyre Ward - 2.5/5 (audio book) 
  7. The Litigators; John Grisham - 4/5 (audio) 
  8. Steve Jobs; Walter Isaacson - 5/5 (eBook) 
  9. Treasure Island; Sara Levine (no review yet)
  • Favorite Fiction Book - Troubling Love; Ferrante - 4.5/5
  • Favorite Non-Fiction Book - Steve Jobs; Isaacson (5/5) 
  • Favorite Audio Book -  The Litigators; Grisham (4/5) 
  • New authors -   4/9- YTD - 66/109
  • Review Books - 5/9 -YTD - 51/109
  • 5 star books - 2/9 -   YTD -  25/109
  • 4 star books - 5/9-    YTD - 70/109
  • 3 star books - 1/9 -   YTD - 9/109
  • 2 star books - 1/9-    YTD - 4/109
~~~~~ Challenge Progress ~~~~~
  • 100+ Reading Challenge - 109/100 - COMPLETED
  • Reading From My Shelves Project - 50/50 COMPLETED
  • Audio Book Challenge - 33/20 - COMPLETED
  • eBook Challenge - 17/20
  • Europa Challenge - 5/ 4 - COMPLETED
  • RIP VI Challenge - 5/4 - COMPLETED
~~~~~Tentative Plans for December ~~~~~
  • Finish - Cat's Table, Anatomy of a Disappearance and 11/22/63.
  • Read - Girl With the Dragon Tattoo; Girl Who Played With Fire; Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest; The Elegance of the Hedgehog (audio); A Different Kind of Pretty; (2) Children's Books;
How about you? Any bookish plans for December?


  1. I limited the number of challenges that I participated in this year and I really enjoyed the freedom! I am planning to do the same next year too.

  2. I am trying to limit challenges this year, but I almost always cave.

  3. You had a great month! I am so interested in the Steve Jobs book, but am a bit overwhelmed by its length

  4. I obssess feverishly about finishing challenges that I join, so next year I'm not joining any! I'm just going to read whatever I want :) I'm guessing that I'm not going to get any more reading time til Gage is in school and my time is very limited.

  5. I can't make up my mind about challenges for next year. I didn't really join that many this year and I didn't finish them all... It was a weird reading year.

  6. You had a great November! I wasn't going to join any challenges, but I say that every year and I end up joining way too many. I already joined quite a few for next year.

  7. Be patient with The Elegance of the Hedgehog. Even on audio, it takes a long time to really get into it. Happy December, Diane!

  8. Ha, I can't even manage 5 challenges. 2 is my limit. I'm glad to see you gave The Litigators 4* as that is on our tbr list.

  9. I The Litigators on hold at the library. I like that you list the books you read, but haven't reviewed. I should do that since I have reviews going about 2 weeks ahead. =]

    I'm mixed on challenges. I caved last year and then pretty much got annoyed with everything and read whatever the hell I wanted to read so I'm thinking this year I should stop pretending. All that counting and cross-referencing makes me pouty.

  10. Ooo, I loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I read the whole series so quickly!

  11. I went overboard with challenges this year, but despite that, managed to finish them.

    I've signed up for a Cozy Reading Challenge, because I'm hoping to read a few of these books, since I drool over the covers.

    I see you read The Language of Flowers this did I.

    The Marriage Plot is on my stack and I'll read it this month...hopefully.

    You did well! Hope you enjoy your week off.

  12. So cool that you will get some time off to be relaxed! It sounds like you had a really good month, despite the power setbacks, and I hope that December is a great month for you too!

  13. November was lovely wasn't it? Hard to believe it is December. I wonder what Mother Nature has in store for us. Love the graphic at the top.

  14. You get a mandatory vacation? Luckyyyyyyyyy. :-D

  15. I'm limiting challenges too and also think five is a good manageable number - I hope!
    Enjoy your December reading!

  16. Am I joining any challenges? Of course!! :o). I am addicted to them. Another great reading month!

  17. Right now I am hooked on all Guido Brunetti books and have read several. Always adding on to my list when I've gotten through those. Lovely you'll be getting some much deserved time off, I know you will enjoy it.

  18. I love that picture! HAHAHA.

    I am not planning on any challenges in 2012. This is a departure for me. Usually I try a few and I never finish because life gets in the way. 2012 is going to be all about setting reasonable limits for myself.

    Enjoy your December reading!

  19. I'll be interested to see what you think of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I was so disappointed in it!

    I've just finished the enormous Shantaram so no big challenges for me to start the new year!

  20. Well, I read Ferrante with you, although a different title, thanks to you making this author known to me. I was very interested in her 'affair' book, and of course, love anything Italian as you know. Sounds like you had a good month; I'm interested in The Litigators, too.

  21. Thanks for the catch up. Participating in 3 challenges at the moment, 1 ends the end of this month, 1 the beginning of next and the 3rd not until the middle of 2012, I'm not intending to take part in any others ....... but never say never.

  22. How on earth do you read so many books, and write a blog, and read other blogs, and have a life away from the computer? I'm in awe. That's all I can say.

  23. Great month Diane! I am looking forward to your plans for December--I love the Larsson books and The Elegance of the Hedgehog!

  24. You had a great reading month -- and you have completed nearly all your challenges which is terrific.

    I have given up entering the challenges for the most part, as I find myself chafing against reading what I think I have to to complete them, lol. I have only entered one for next year, and that is only a mini-challenge for the month of January.

  25. You have a good month Diane. I would love to read The Marriage Plot and Steve Jobs as well. Maybe next year I'll pick these up!

  26. cool month! I read The Language of Flowers earlier on and loved it very much. YES, read The Elegance of The Hedgehog, fantastic, and by the way the movie is as good, exceptionally! Here is my November wrap up and what I want to read in December:

  27. I like your list! You did really well. 9 books read is very good. I didn't have a good November for reading, only 5 books read. I am in the 100 books challenge, but fear I am going to fall just short once more. Next year! this is an annual challenge until I reach my goal :-) I limited my challenges too, and it restored my sense of fun in reading for pure pleasure and delight. I love challenges, though!

  28. I hope you'll consider the Immigrant Stories Challenge - I'll be putting up the sign up page soon!

    Love the pic at the too of your post!

  29. I'm noticing how much less stress I'm having this year with no challenges to hurry up and finish. I did join the WWI War Through the Generations group for 2012, and will continue my lifetime reading of President's biographies (particularly if I can get past James Monroe), but have decided that next year I'm doing mostly Histories and Mysteries, my two favorites.

    Good batch you read for November.

    P.S. I too am getting a tad worried about winter here in Maine after that bizarrely warm dry November.

  30. November was unseasonably mild for us, too. Lots of sunny warm days. Unfortunately, now we're suffering! We had snow on Saturday and bitterly cold temps yesterday. It's currently 10 but feels like negative 4. Brrr!

    I'm going to try a few challenges this year, although in years past I was more successful at the making-a-list aspect of the challenge and not so good with the completion of reading from the list. :) I'm signing up for Bellezza's Venice challenge and possibly the audio book challenge you mentioned. 2011 was my year for audio books!

    It looks like you had a good month of reading in November. I'm anxious to read The Marriage Plot and Steven Jobs. I may listen to the latter, since it's quite a chunkster.

    Enjoy your time off. My husband used to get the same and I was terribly jealous. No vacations in December when you work retail!!

    Enjoy The Elegance of the Hedgehog. It took me a little bit to get interested, but I wound up loving it! Great readers.

  31. I haven't done my November books yet - too much work! I think it was okay though, except I bought too many books (again).


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