Sunday, November 16, 2014

Some Wonderful Thanksgiving Books for Kids

I was so excited to get this wonderful, season appropriate, selection of kids books in the mail this week.  The messages and illustrations are all lovely.  Thank you to the great people at Candlewick Press for sending  these beautiful books my way.  Here is a quick overview for each.

Giving Thanks; Jonathan London (description) --"This Thanksgiving, set the mood with a story of gratitude." — CHILD

Thank you, Mother Earth.
Thank you, Father Sky.
Thank you for this day.

How can a young boy ever show his gratitude for all the beauty he sees? He will learn from his father, who thanks the earth and the sky, the frogs and the crickets, the hawk and the deer, even the trees that wave their arms in the breeze. Majestic as the most beautiful autumn day and filled with glimpses of favorite woodland animals, GIVING THANKS is truly a gift to readers from nature-lover Jonathan London and master painter Gregory Manchess.

What's So Yummy? All About Eating Well and Feeling Good; Robie Harris (description) - Acclaimed New York Times best-selling author Robie H. Harris introduces preschoolers to the pleasures of eating healthy, being active, and feeling good. Gus, Nellie, and baby Jake can’t wait to go on a picnic! In the morning the family heads to their community garden, then to the farmer’s market and the grocery store to gather vegetables, fruit, meat, and other fresh and delicious foods. Readers follow them through the day as they go home to prepare, cook, and pack up the goodies, then cap their day by eating a yummy meal in the park and flying a kite together. Funny, accessible, family-filled illustrations; conversations between Gus and Nellie; and matter-of-fact text combine to show young children how food fuels our bodies — and help them see how healthy eating and drinking, and being active, can make them feel their best for a day full of fun.

Gobble, Gobble, Tucker; Leslie McGirk (description) - Leslie McGuirk’s enthusiastic Tucker tries to be a patient little pup in this Thanksgiving story that is satisfying in every way. When Tucker smells a familiar scent in the air, he knows his favorite day of the year has come —Thanksgiving! Tucker loves to play with his family, help clean up, and most of all, enjoy a delicious feast. But as the day goes by, Tucker and his doggy cousins haven’t had even a bite. Will they ever get to gobble up any holiday treats?

Over the River and Through the Wood: The New England Boy's Song About Thanksgiving Day; L. Maria Child  (description) - Matt Tavares's lavish illustrations illuminate this definitive edition of a beloved seasonal classic.  The horse is ready, the air is bracing, and everyone is bundled into the sleigh. So let the wind blow and the snow start to fall! This family is off to Grandfather's house for a delicious feast. Matt Tavares, with his keen eye for detail, fresh and surprising perspectives, and all the warmth and coziness of a big holiday dinner, illuminates the original text of Lydia Maria Child's verse about Thanksgiving Day, which has marked the start of the holiday season for generations of children.


  1. And seriously, it is just one big eat-a-thin from Halloween through till New Year's! But Thanksgiving has some of the best food, I think! :--)

  2. Terrific books for Thanksgiving time, Diane! Enjoy!!

  3. Over the River.. and Giving Thanks look like beautiful books that adults will enjoy reading to the little ones just to look at the illustrations. Just from the cover art I can see these will be special, so thanks.

  4. Gobble, Gobble, Tucker looks so cute!

  5. These look good. Our library didn't have a good selection when I was there last.


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