Saturday, May 4, 2019

Here's to Us; Elin Hilderbrand

AUTHOR:  Elin Hildebrand
PUBLISHER:  Hachette Audio
PUB. YEAR: 2016
SETTING:  Nantucket Island, MA
FORMAT:  - print - library
RATING - 3/5

When celebrity chef Deacon Thorpe dies unexpectedly at his summer cottage, American Paradise on Nantucket Island, his friends, family and former wives gather there to honor his wishes and say goodbye.  The cottage, American Paradise, a bit of a misnomer, as the rundown cottage that hasn't been maintained well over the years.  

Among those gathering are the (3) women who married or were once married to Deacon, an uncomfortable weekend to say the least. There's Laurel, his first wife and childhood love and, the most down to earth of the women.  Belinda, the Hollywood actress Deacon left Laurel for and, Scarlett, the southern belle and former nanny of Belinda and Deacon's adopted daughter. Also in attendance are his adult children who are grappling with their own issues and Buck, Deacon's best friend and executor. Buck's job is to break the news that Deacon died heavily in debt and instead of any inheritance some might have planned on, there's a mound of debt and multiple mortgages left to be dealt with. 

This wasn't a favorite Hilderbrand book. I thought it felt choppy at times and suffered from too many characters to keep straight as well. This was especially tough on audio as the chapters alternated with varying POV's from the primary characters and a few more ancillary ones as well.  I was surprised that at times I felt sad for Deacon, especially after learning about his childhood.  The best part of this novel, as is often the case with a Hilderbrand book, was the setting. Nantucket Island is a gorgeous place, that always seems to feel like such a welcome and important part of each story. The author always manages to capture the feel of the island so well in all of her books.  I can't recommend this audio but, it won't deter me from trying some others that I've missed.


  1. Anything with a beach isn't all bad.

  2. The setting sounds lovely, but the novel doesn't really appeal to me, especially on audio. I've only read a couple by Hilderbrand and I don't feel like I need to read more.

  3. What book(s) by her have you liked the most?

    1. I liked one of her more recent one, The Perfect Couple.

  4. I've enjoyed several of her books (all in print) and have many more to explore. This one won't be near the top of that list... thanks.

  5. I think multiple POVs don't work well on audio, at least they wouldn't for me. Too bad it was a disappointment.

  6. I love beach themed books but more times than not I find so many characters hard to keep up with.

  7. I've only read one of her books I think and it was definitely a beach read but enjoyable. I wouldn't mind trying others but maybe some others that have higher ratings.

  8. Diane, thank you for your honest review. The Perfect Couple sounds like a good one.

  9. I tried to read one book by this author and ever since have never been able to pick up another. It seemed way too fluffy for me but maybe the others are not like that.


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