Monday, February 1, 2016

January in Reading Summary

2016 got off to a great start for me. I managed to read (13) books and enjoyed most of the books I read as well.
  1. Like Family; Paulo Giordano - 5/5 (arc) (Jan)
  2. The Guest Room; Chris Bohjalian - 4.5/5 (eGalley) (Jan)
  3. Between the World and Me; Coates - 4.5/5 (library) (Jan)
  4. The Opposite of Everyone; Joshilyn Jackson - 3/5 (arc) (Jan)
  5. My Name is Lucy Barton; Elizabeth Strout - 5/5 (eGalley & audio) (Jan)
  6. The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories; Stephen King - 4/5 (library) (Jan)
  7. Under the Influence; Joyce Maynard - 4.5/5 (eGalley) (Jan)
  8. Perfect Days; Raphael Montes - 4/5 (arc) (Jan)
  9. A Banquet of Consequences; Elizabeth George - 3/5 (library) (Jan)
  10. Remarkable Creatures; Tracy Chevalier - 4/5 (library) reread-book club (Jan)
  11. Surf's Up; Kwame Alexander - 3.5/5 (review book) (Jan)
  12. The Winter Girl; Matt Marinovich - 2/5 (eGalley) (Jan)
  13. When Breath Becomes Air; Paul Kalanithi (NF/memoir) - 4.5/5 (audio) (Jan)- no review yet
                        Favorite Books 
  • Books Read - 13
  • (2) NF - 11 (Fiction)
  • (2) translated works
  • (1) debut
  • (4) Library Books
  • (2) audio books
  • (3) ARCS
  • (3) eGalleys
  • (1) my shelf



  1. So glad you gave the Strout and Paolo books 5 stars. I've just started the Strout and love the writing already. I will put the Paolo book on my radar too. thanks

  2. A great month indeed! I picked up the Giordano book from the library and can't wait to read it.

  3. I loved My Name is Lucy Barton, too, and look forward to reading Like Family when the TBR Dare is over.

  4. You had a great month of reading! I will be reading Like Family.

  5. Looks like you had a great reading month! I have My Name Is Lucy Barton on my 'ToRead' list. I'm glad you rated it with 5 stars.

  6. Awesome month! And you and I shared a favorite book of January :)

  7. I still have to write my review for Under the Influence. Do you follow Maynard on Facebook at all? She spoke of her own concerns over wine and now I am seeing how the character of Helen came to be.

  8. Yay, you! What a great month with lots of winners! I wish I had enjoyed Like Family as much as you... Glad to know you enjoyed When Breath Becomes Air. I'm reading it today, as I'm home on a Snow Day! I may never leave my couch. ;)

  9. You had a great month! Happy February!

  10. Looks like you had a pretty good reading month - I hope February proves to be much the same.

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