Saturday, September 5, 2009

137 - The Shimmer; David Morrell

In The Shimmer, David Morrell, Dan Page is a Santa Fe Deputy, who returns home after a horrific day at work to find his wife Tori missing. His search for her leads him to Rostev, Texas, a town know for its mysterious bouncing, shimmering lights. These lights have been reportedly seen beyond the horizon for many many years. Although many people have their theories about these lights, no one knows for sure their origin.

When Dan finds his wife, she is staring at these mysterious lights from an observation platform. Dan's attempts to talk to his wife about why she is there are thwarted when a shooter, brandishing an AK-47, fires at the lights, then targets the nearby crowd. Once he is taken down, the casualties are many.

In addition to the above mystery: why Tori was in Rostev, and what's up with those lights, there were several other sub plots going on. There is a military conspiracy involving a Colonel Warren Raleigh. Raleigh comes from a military family who all have been connected to the lights. There is also an egotistical television news anchor covering the massacre who is trying to make himself famous. He's hoping he will make it to the major networks by his work covering this story. There is also a guard, who has been affected by these mysterious lights and goes on a rampage, killing more innocent victims.

My opinion: The first half of this book really drew me in, but once all the sub plots were introduced, I started to "roll my eyes" a bit, even though things did come together at the end. There was also too much violence for my tastes. Since I loved Creepers by Morrell, I do have to say that I was expecting more of the same quality, but instead this one fell a bit short for me. YOU BE THE JUDGE AND DECIDE.
(Thank you Anna - FSB Associates for this book)


  1. I don't think I'd want to read about the casualties from an AK-47! Thanks for the review!

  2. For some reason I can read stuff like this, but I could never watch it in a movie. I'm on the fence on this book.

  3. Perhaps I will read Creepers instead then. Though not keen on lots of violence. Good review.

  4. Diane - You did win. Please send me your mailing address if you haven't already. Thanks

  5. Thank you for your balanced and honest review. It doesn't sound like my cup of tea.

  6. I just won this book in a contest, and have been waiting to see a review to see if it would be interesting to me. After reading your review, I think I may pass it on to my husband. I think he might enjoy it.

  7. I am sorry this one didn't quite live up to your expectations, Diane. The premise certainly sounds interesting, but it does sound like this book has a lot going on. Maybe too much. I haven't read anything by this author yet, but I'm curious. I'll have to look for Creepers.


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