Monday, September 7, 2009

Smiling about Fall Resolutions and Book Thoughts

Bye Bye Tourists, see you next year! Now I'm thinking about fall, and loving this cooler weather lots. Since my husband is a big football nut: college and professional, I'll have that much more time for reading and me.

Now for some Fall Resoultions There are some things I'd like to do in the next month regarding my books (about 600) of them. I plan to make some lists, and shelve them by categories of (10- 50 books depending on category, and then read from those shelves:
  • (50) books I most want to read from my stacks
  • (25) women's fiction, I'd like to read
  • (25) thriller's I'd like to read
  • (50) books to donate (one's I know I'll never read as my interests have changed)
  • (25) mysteries I'd like to read
  • (25) historical novels I'd like to read
  • (10) non fiction I'd like to read
  • (10) audio books I'd most like to listen to
  • (10) books for blog giveaways
  • (10) books I've owned the longest to read
I know I've made lists before and have only been minimally successful in reading from my TBR's , but this time I hoping for a better outcome :)
I also plan to request fewer ARC's (just ones that I would probably buy or borrow anyways). I've realized that if I've had an ARC over (3) months and have not read it, there is a reason why?? (I never should have requested it).
Also, there is a reward for me out there if I am successful reading from these lists: order about (10) new books each quarter from my wish list, that so many of you have helped to build! THANKS A LOT :)

Do you have any fall resolutions?


  1. I enjoy the ACT of making a list. List making is very appealing to me, but sometimes I add way too many titles to really do much good. Fall resolutions? I am going to continue to read only what I really want to read. That seems to be helping and I am learning to say "no" which is hard for me when it comes to books!

  2. Funny you should say that. I have posted my autumn term resolutions today to take me up until the end of the school year, but I forgot to include books.

  3. I *love* *love* *love* your lists! I'm printing out your post as we speak. (I won't post it though because of fear of failure!) :--)

    We have the opposite thing than you have, going in Tucson. Bye bye peace and quiet, hello snowbirds! But I do have the same husband obsession going on, so I will have time to work with this list too!

  4. At this point, my resolutions are to read and to try to post a couple a time a week on my blog. I've fallen so far behind!

    I love your list of resolutions!

  5. Wow! What an ambitious list! You are far more organized than me. : )

  6. I love making lists and find that I do accomplish so much more when I do this. I like how you're going to reward yourself!!

  7. What a great idea! My stacks of TBR books are overflowing my shelves right now, and it's really bothering me. I chose my books to read last week based on the smallest spines, just so I could clear a few out!

    I also recently resolved to request fewer review books,at least until I feel I'm more caught up.

    Good luck with your resolutions!


  8. You make me almost wish my husband was a football fan, Diane! LOL He's currently quite smitten with a new online game so I've had plenty of time to myself. If only I was actually spending it reading. Since my back gave out a couple of weeks ago, the house hasn't been taken care of and so I've been trying to do what I can without re-injuring my back. Then there's work . . . Anyhow, enough excuses!

    It looks like you have some great resolutions and I love your idea of separating the books on in lists like that. Good luck with your fall resolutions!

  9. I'm like Ti. I love making lists. And then I leave them somewhere and have to start over again. I don't make resolutions, because I usually I've learned not to bother. :-)

  10. I love the idea of books you've owned the longest to read. I've had a few I've lugged to about 5 different homes now and still haven't gotten around to them. I really need to get them out of the way.

  11. I'm new here, and need to know what an ARC is...please?

    The thought of list making almost, but not quite, sends me gibbering to the corner...but I can stack with the best of 'em! I found it helpful earlier this year to make a stack of the books I already had that I most wanted to read, order was not important. I felt so good watching that stack shrink. :-)

  12. I'm a big list-maker, too. I like them on paper, so I can physically cross off the item as I complete it.

    Your resolutions look do-able, and I love the categories you've chosen. Smart to be able to see the books lined up waiting for you, too, if you arrange you shelves this way.

    Good luck; enjoy the football/reading season!

  13. I love fall too! What a great list of goals. Mainly mine are just to get showered and dressed every morning. *Ugh* Know any good books about that??

  14. Another list maker here! My son laughs at me because I make lists for absolutely everything. But I find that they help me a lot.

    Your goals are quite impressive. I like the idea of making resolutions in the fall; it's my favorite season too, makes me feel reinvigorated after the sauna of the summer. But I'm a huge football fan, so I know that I won't get as much reading done as I do in other months. Good luck!!

  15. You've got some great resolutions here. I don't have any fall resolutions really except maybe try to complete some reading challenges. And, I probably need to do a bit of a weeding of the shelves - to make room for new books of course :)

  16. I love making lists of books that I want to read. I don't every finish all of them, but I love making the lists. :)

  17. No real fall resolutions for me - just to read more! I've not been very good about making lists or keeping to them, but I'm trying to work on that. I'm not going to really make a resolution out of it though.

    I like your resolutions a lot. They really make sense to me.

  18. Good job with the fall resolutions. I should do that, but I know I won't follow through...LOL!


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