Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge

Thanks to Swapna at S. Krishna's Books for hosting this challenge which runs from October 1 - November 30, 2009. If you need something to help motivate you to read more of your own books, this might be the challenge for you??
  • This challenge will work a little differently than other challenges. Instead of picking a set number of books to read during this time period, you will pick a percentage. This means that a certain percentage of the books you read during these two months will have to qualify for this challenge. For example, let’s say you pick 40% and you end up reading 10 books in October and November. 4 of those books would have to qualify for this challenge in order for you to complete it. I am setting a minimum percentage of 20%.
  • As a result, there is no need to make a list of books prior to starting the challenge, though please feel free to do so if you want to! Your wrap-up post should have a list of the books you read for the challenge, though, so please do keep track of what you read!
  • For more information on details, please go here.
Completed Books from my Shelves:
  1. A Change in Altitude; Anita Shreve - disappointing
  2. The Brutal Telling; Penny - recommended
  3. What the Dead Know; Lippmann - recommended
  4. Tortilla Flat; Steinbeck - recommended
  5. Solace; Temes -  recommended
  6. A Duty to the Dead; Martin - recommended 
  7. Gift of the Sea; Lindbergh - recommended
  8. Sworn to Silence; Castillo (audio) - recommended
  9. Haunted Island; Nadler - ?? - okay   
  10. The Recipe Club; Israel and Garfinkle - recommended
  11. The Christmas Cookie Club; Pearlman - recommended  
  12. The Haunting of Hill House; Shirley Jackson - recommended 
  13. Picking Bones from Ash; Mockett - recommended 
  14. The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane; K. Howe - recommended
  15. Away; Amy Bloom - (audio) - recommended
  16. Her Fearful Symmetry; A. Niffenegger - recommended 
  17. The Christmas Dog; Carlson - recommended
  18. Await Your Reply; Chaon - recommended
  19. The Christmas List; Evans - recommended
  20. Wishin and Hopin: A Christmas Story; Lamb - recommended    


  1. I'm mathematically challenged - it took me too long to figure this out. Now that I've got it, I think I'll join, too.

  2. Good luck with the challenge! :D

  3. Good luck! I'm doing this challenge too, and this is one I really hope I complete!

  4. Best of luck with the challenge!

  5. I've been wanting to clear my bookshelf, but myt whim might be a huge blockade! I keep on buying books that interest me but that I have no desire to read right away!


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