Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Reading in Review

I can't believe there are only (3) months left in 2010.  There was so much I wanted to accomplish (in books) when 2010 rolled in, and although I've had a good year, I still feel disappointed a bit as my reading has decreased by about (4) books a month, since I went back to work full time (6) months ago.  Why wasn't I born rich, and working was an option? LOL

September was a great month quality-wise. I read (12) books (some were started in August):

  1. You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know; Heather Sellers - 4/5  (ARC)
  2. Pillars of the Earth; Ken Follett - 5/5 (audio)
  3. The Lady Matador's Hotel; Cristina Garcia - 4/5 (ARC))
  4. Resurrection in May; Lisa Samson - 3/5 (ARC)
  5. I Love My Dad; Anna Walker - 4.5/5
  6. Fall of Giants; Ken Follett - 5/5 (ARC)
  7. The Heights; Peter Hedges - 2/5 (audio and ARC)
  8. Lost in Translation; Jean Kwok - 4.5/5 (audio and ARC)
  9. The Bells; Richard Harvell - 5/5 -( favorite book for September) (ARC)
  10. We Have Always Lived in a Castle; Shirley Jackson - 5/5
  11. Ape House; Sara Gruen - 4/5 (audio and ARC)
  12. The Sun Also Rises; Ernest Hemingway - 5/5
September Stats
  • (5) books were perfect reads - 5/5 stars
  • (4) audio books
  • (1) non fiction
  • (8) review books

2010 Stats
  • Books Read in 2010 - (123)
  • Completed 2010 Challenges - 8 of 11 (still working on the last 3)

  • Books Purchased in 2010 - (77) - mostly at library book sales
  • $$ spent on books in 2010 - $311.27
 October Hopefuls
So how was your month in books? Are you pleased with your 2010 reading progress ?


  1. Another great month, Diane! September was a slow reading month for me, but then I've been working on some very long books. I'll look forward to hearing about The House at Riverton (on my wish list) and Freedom (just bought it for my mom).

  2. Looks like a good month! You have two Ken has been AGES since I've read one of his books and I really enjoyed them.

  3. Diane, you did have a great month! I have The House at Riverton on my mountain of book to read, can't wait for your review! Our bookclub is toying with the idea of reading Freedom after the holidays. Can't wait for your review of that too!

  4. have a great month!!! 12 is such a great number for me...since I just manage to finished average of 4 every month...=)

  5. I haven't counted all mine yet, but I know I have probably done less. I am definitely reading less and less every month. Well done for getting to 12.

  6. Wow, you had a great month in books!!

  7. September was a good month for me. I've read both Kate Morton's books and loved them both. We have always lived in a Castle has been on my book list for ages. Sounds so good.

  8. Amazing statistics and we still have three months to go. I also love Ken Follett as an author - especially The Pillars Of The Earth.

  9. Great month! I'm well on my way to meeting my goal for 2010.

  10. I can't believe how much you humans read, I would fall asleep after the first chapter!

  11. You are so good with your stats. Three months left to the year. Yikes!!

    I've read a lot of good books this year since I focused more on the books that I really wanted to read, as opposed to what was sent to me. So although my numbers are not quite as high as I'd like, I feel satisfied.

  12. Life does get in the way of our reading doesn't it! Glad you had quite a few 5 star reads.

  13. Working just makes you value that reading time that much more :)

    Looks like a good month from my pov, especially since those Follett books are not quick reads. I need to reread Pillars myself--it's been years, and I still have to read Corrections before I read Freedom.

    I don't keep stats, though I'm always impressed/intrigued to look at other people's stats.

    Best wishes for an enjoyable reading month in October.

  14. Isn't it a bummer when work pulls you away from books? That's what happened to me during the last two months. :( Have a great October!

  15. I say the same thing.. if only I could win the lottery :)

    You had a great month though - look at all those 5 and 4.5 star books!

    Hope October is great too!

  16. You did have a good reading month ... five 5-star books. That is a true gift.

  17. Wow, 12 books. I can't even dream about something like that!

  18. Eek! Only 3 months left of the year - don't remind me!!

    Looks like you had a wonderful reading month. I'm dying to read Ape House - I loved Water for Elephants, plus I just love the sound of the plot.

    Pillars of the Earth has been on my shelf for 2 years now - I bought it for my mother-in-law and she gave it to me when she finished (isn't it nice how that works?), but its size always intimidates me! And Follett's new novel sounds fabulous. Your high ratings of both has inspired me to finally tackle some BIG books!


  19. I can't believe I've never read a Follett book. Which is your favorite? I'd like to read one, but would love your input.

    I look forward to your Healer review when you read that one this month (hopefully).

    You still had a good month with 12. And don't you love it when you have so many 5-star reads...yay.

  20. It's been a busy month for you!! I loved Pillars of the Earth, and I've got The Bells on my wishlist now!

    Hey there -- I responded back to your comment on my post, but then thought I'd email you and I wasn't sure where to find your email address! Too funny -- email me when you get a chance, I want to figure our how you're trying to reply back to a comment (wasn't sure if you meant replying back to a comment on my or your blog!) Technology! :) coffeeandabookchick (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. Your reading's decreased??? And I thought you're a prolific reader now, you must have been reading at the speed of light then.

  22. Wow great month! Looks like you are doing better on your challenges than I am :)

  23. Looks like you had a great month. Your library must have really good book sales,c an't believe you spent only $300 so far on books.

  24. You've done wonderfully in September! I haven't looked at my totals yet for the month, so I have no idea.

  25. I can't believe there are only three months left in 2010 either! Gladly the sun keeps shining and the beaches are great ... and almost empty! :-)
    Thanks for the book tips.

  26. Thanks for the wrap-up. It was an inspiring reminder for me to take a step back and see how things are going and what's left for 2010. It certainly has sped by but also given us some memorable reads.

  27. I agree with the being born rich thing!! still read a lot though and I'm going to have to read your favorite of the month for sure.

  28. I see you have Freedom on your to-read list. I was fascinated by Corrections, I'm thinking about this later one. Let me know if you get to it and what you think.

  29. I think you are doing great for someone working full time.

  30. Good month! I have The Heights but haven't read it.

  31. What a great reading month for you, Diane! I think you've read some really great books. Well done!

    "Why wasn't I born rich, and working was an option?" I think about this EVERY DAY. LOL.

  32. I still think you had a great month!


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