Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Children's Books

Are You Sleeping Little One; Hans Christian Schmidt and Vance, (Nemet and Lindgren - illustrators) - Abbeville Press and NetGalley  - June 2012

A very very cute bedtime book that shows little ones the sleep patterns of several familiar animals (and some, that may be unfamiliar ones as well). Mom animals along with their babies fill the pages. Cute rhyming phrases, as well as pleasing colorful artwork, make this a perfect choice to read at bedtime to your little one. It's one that may become a new favorite with little ones at bedtime.
Fun bedtime Read - 4/5 stars 

Reading Makes You Feel Good; Todd Parr - Little Brown and Company 2005/2009

All of us book lovers have learned early on that "Reading Makes You Feel Good", right?  Well Todd Parr in his own child-appealing style shows little one, through this picture book, why this is so.

Imagining that you are a scary dinosaur or a brave princess can be fun.  How about visiting some cool places and making new friends while we read?  You can read most anywhere. You can learn to make a pizza, learn how to care for pets, make a sick person feel better by reading to them and even travel to far away places.

Multi-cultural stick characters in bright colors will please kids everywhere, and in the process they may just learn to appreciate the power of books in the process.
Well done - 5/5 stars


  1. Adorable!! I miss reading the picture books!!!

  2. Todd Parr is a winner here so I need to get this one.


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