Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kids Books ~~ Picnic and The Way to the Zoo ~~ John Burningham

Candlewick Press has some awfully cute books for children (ages 2-6). Today I wanted to feature (2) books by John Burningham who both writes and illustrates these little gems.

May - 2014

In Picnic, Boy and Girl decide to go on a picnic. On the way they meet up with Sheep, Pig and Duck, so they invite them along. Unfortunately, Bull intervenes and chases all of them causing them to scatter and hide. When it seems safe to come out, the friends meet up for an afternoon of fun and games. After a day of food and fun Boy and Girl invite their animal friends back to their house for a sleepover which makes for a perfect ending to their day.

This book was awfully cute. The book is interactive in style encouraging little ones to identify various animals and objects. Where is the missing ball, scarf? --- Who is sleeping in what bed etc.?  The illustrations are nice and bold, the text is just the right length for little ones, and the font is nice and large as well.  A good book to read to your special little ones, especially at bedtime. 

August - 2014

Imagination and curiosity get little Sylvie into a bit of trouble in John Burningham's, The Way to the Zoo.  One day little Sylvie notices a mysterious door in her bedroom before drifting off to sleep.  The next night, when she notices it once again, she decides to check it out.

Steps, a passageway, but to where? Flashlight in hand, she discovers not just one secret door, but two. When she opens the second door she discovers lots of different zoo animals checking her out.  She couldn't resist inviting little bear back to her room to spend the night.  Before school, she quickly returns him back to the zoo before anyone notices.

Soon one small zoo animal visitor becomes 2, 3 or 4, and she quickly learns some of them are quite messy, smelly and even one who likes to steal things.  One day when Sylvie forgets to close the door to the zoo before heading off for school, she is unprepared for what happens next.  She does learn a lesson though and will never forget to close the door again when visiting her animal friends.

This was an awfully cute story, perfect for bedtime reading to your little ones.  The text is nice and bold, and the watercolor illustrations are so cute and as well.  I plan to check out more kids books by this talented author/illustrator.

Read Them Both
(sent by Publisher for review)


  1. I love Candlewicks books - both of these look adorable!

  2. I think Gage would particularly like ON the Way to the Zoo. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Our littlest grandchild is already a "reader" even though he's only 14 months old. So far, it's the bright colored board books, but I'm building a library for the next few years. I'm so glad to hear about Candlewick books. They both sound charming.


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