Friday, December 4, 2009

187 - The Water's Lovely; Ruth Rendell

In this audio book mystery thriller, two sets of sisters share a home.  Beatrix and Pamela live in the upstairs flat and Ismay and Heather, daughters of Beatrix live downstairs. Some nine years earlier Ismay and Heather's stepfather Guy, was found floating face up in the bathtub.

The sisters still live in the same home and they have not talked about the day their stepfather died.  Now, however, since Heather is involved in a serious relationship, her older sister Ismay wonders if this same thing could happen to another man. Ismay is haunted by reoccurring dreams and thoughts about that fateful day when Guy was found dead. She seems to recall Heather pale as a ghost and soaking wet when Guy was found, and why was has that bathroom been sealed off?

My Thoughts - Rosalyn Landor did a great job narrating this book.  The author did a terrific job creating doubts and suspicions along the way to hold the listener's interest.  At the end of this audio, I was left with a few questions, however, the surprise ending was a treat so I was not disappointed. RECOMMENDED


  1. This sounds like a good one!

    I think I need to join an audio books challenge if I'm ever to listen to one! (I have a couple of times in the past but nothing in recent history!)

  2. This sounds great. I've discovered that the reader of an audio book can make all the difference in the world.

  3. I have never read a Ruth Rendell mystery but I always wondered how they were. This sounds like a pretty good & interesting one.
    Thanks for a great review :o)

  4. I messed up Diane...I had 3 of your reviews open and left my comment for the children's book on this one!! Delete it please!!

    I'm listening to Julia Child's Life in France on audio and loving it. The key is getting a good narrator!! The story sounds really mysterious and I would listen to this one because of your recommendation with the narrator..Thanks!!!

  5. I love Ruth Rendell so this definitely sounds like a great book for me. I love surprise endings and twists as well, so that's another plus! Glad that you enjoyed it!

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed this! I agree with Kathy that the narrator does make or break an audiobook.

  7. I used to read a lot of Ruth Rendell, but for some reason have not in a long time. This sounds like a good one to check out! thanks..


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